Images taken before disaster: AFL Round 23 edition

The Ladder after Round 20, and if you’re a Bulldogs supporter, or indeed an Eagles supporter…

Look away now.

“****in’ Nearly”

The “Precise moment when Bulldogs fans realised they were doomed to finish 5th”

Geelong charging to the minor premiership as they rocketed out to a 44 point lead against Melbourne, at Kardinia Park, with the sheer weight of history coming to claim the Demons once again

Jeremy Cameron and Lachie Henderson just before a high speed collision in Geelong’s forward 50…. There was a totally open goal.

“34 seconds left, we’ve got the ball thanks to a questionable deliberate call, the minor premiership is ours for our keeping… what could go wrong?”

“Oh, Cam Guthrie kicked it out on the full and Brad Close has given away a stupid 50 metre penalty, well, let’s leave comparative midget Gary Rohan one out on Max Gawn with 20 seconds to go while his original opponent Rhys Stanley sits in the goalsquare combing his hair waiting for Jake Lever to roost it”

Again, what could go wrong?

And one last one, since most of you didn’t bother watching Adelaide vs North Melbourne, here’s Josh Walker getting a handball from Ed Ford for a certain goal, with no Crows within 10 metres of him…

It was the epitome of a wooden spoon team.

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