Congratulations Essendon on your history making performance

With their defeat in the Elimination Final, the Bombers are the first team in league history to lose a Final in every state of Australia.

Victoria – Lost the 1898 Grand Final to Fitzroy, an event remembered by nobody

Here’s a staggering fact from that game – Stan Reid of Fitzroy played on Essendon’s Charles Moore.

They were the only VFL players to die in the Boer War.

Queensland – Lost the 1996 Qualifying Final to the Brisbane Bears by a point at the Gabba after Gavin Wanganeen hit the post with 17 seconds to go, giving the Bears their first finals win in their history

That was also the first final in league history to be played in Queensland.

New South Wales – Lost the 1996 Preliminary Final to Sydney by a point at the SCG thanks to Tony Lockett’s behind after the siren

During Kevin Sheedy’s tenure, Essendon played in 4 finals to be decided by a point.

They lost all of them.

South Australia – Lost the 2002 Semi-Final against Port Adelaide at Football Park, which was Port Adelaide’s first finals win since they were admitted into the AFL

Fun fact – Port Adelaide are the only team to be undefeated in multiple finals against the Bombers, although admittedly they only met in 2002 & 2003.

Western Australia – Lost the 2019 Elimination Final to West Coast at Optus Stadium

That was West Coast’s first finals win against the Bombers after 6 attempts.

And completing the full set, Tasmania – Lost the 2021 Elimination Final to the Western Bulldogs at York Park, producing the first goalless 2nd Half in a final since 1956

This was Essendon’s 7th straight defeat in a final since that 2004 Elimination Final win, which now stands as a club record for their longest finals losing run, besting the tie of 6 between the 1968 Grand Final and the 1982 Elimination Final, in which they lost all 5 elimination finals they played in.

Lou Richards had a word for Essendon’s continued defeats in Elimination Finals….


For the record, there’s only one other team to lose a final in at least 5 Australian states, and that would be the Adelaide Crows.

Victoria – Lost the 1993 Semi Final to Carlton at Waverley

Queensland – Lost the 2002 Qualifying Final to Brisbane at the Gabba

South Australia – Lost the 2005 Qualifying Final to St Kilda at Football Park

Western Australia – Lost the 2005 Preliminary Final to West Coast at Subiaco

New South Wales – Lost the 2016 Semi Final to Sydney at the SCG

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