Tuesday Tithbits: 28th September

Fun fact – This’ll be my 1100th post.

Red Auerbach would concur that this is the proper way to celebrate a championship

Well friends it’s the last Tuesday of September, and for the first time since colour television was introduced to the Western World, the Melbourne Football Club are premiers of the VFL/AFL.

The raging spirit of Norm Smith that has haunted the Melbourne Cricket Ground since 1973, can rest peacefully.

So it turns out the number 57 was the key number for ending the Norm Smith Curse

Melbourne’s premiership drought lasted 57 years.

The supercoach Norm Smith was 57 when he died in 1973.

How many points did Melbourne score in the final quarter?


A Grand Final record Melbourne broke that next to no media outlets mentioned on Saturday

The Demons became the first team in league history to score 100 points in the 2nd Half of a Grand Final.

The old 2nd Half record was 15.5-95 by Essendon in the 1985 Grand Final against Hawthorn, but Melbourne beat that record with 16.5-101 on Saturday night, with the record-breaking score being Tom McDonald’s goal after the siren.

The Dees are also just the second team in history to score 100 points in either half in a Grand Final, the only other instance being Carlton in the 1st Half of the 1972 Grand Final against Richmond, when the Blues kicked 18.6-114 on their way to the all-time record GF score of 28.9-177.

In addition, the Demons outscored the Bulldogs by 82 points in the 2nd Half, a new Grand Final record (Geelong in 2007 outscored Port Adelaide by 67 points), and the 50 point margin (9.3-57 to 1.1-7) in the final quarter is also a new Grand Final record.

So as fate would have it, Reece Walsh getting caught with cocaine on Sunday and losing the Rookie of the Year award is only the second-most publicised white powder scandal in the NRL over the past 2 days

That’s what happens when you spend too long near the Gold Coast.

I made my Manning Bowling Club championship debut on Sunday

For some unknown reason, way back during the Open Day a fortnight ago, I was convinced to enter into the Men’s Two Bowl Singles Championship just to get a bit of experience, and let me tell you, I brought the weather with me to mark the big day:

Thunder and showers throughout Sunday morning, right as the festivities around the AFL Grand Final came to an end, and at approximately 10:00, right as the opening games were in full and I was somehow a long way in front, the heavens absolutely opened up, there was about 20 seconds worth of hail, and it looked like we were switching from lawn bowls to water polo:

It’s a good thing synthetic rinks drain fairly well, because this was the scene 40 minutes later, and we were back playing before 11 o’clock:

“Yeah just aim for that damp patch”

And despite having expectations that were so low they were sitting next to the Titanic on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, I actually upheld the honour of the Manning Jack Attack program, and went on to win a game on debut:

So the story was there were 8 groups of 3, the format for the group stage was ’15 Up’ (Aka first to 15), and I was playing 3rd Division lead Neil, the Irishman from Ireland, and I was 10-5 up after 10 ends when we were forced to run for cover, and at the resumption Neil rattled off 4 consecutive ends and had me under the pump, then I somehow landed consecutive holds of 2, and got the 15th shot at the first time of asking.

Possible reasons I can offer for me somehow winning a game is that I played as a lead in Jack Attack, which is also two bowls each, so I had that part down pat, most games in Jack Attack are on the synthetic, and I’d played on the synthetic green pretty much every Tuesday over the winter, so bowling in crap weather was almost quite literally water off a duck’s back.

So there you go, the most shocking moment in human history since the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star in 1977, although I didn’t even get close to winning, because I copped a bigger arse kicking than Europe did in the Ryder Cup in my second game, and the eventual winner was the former big unit in the No.22 from the East Fremantle Footy Club, Joe Angel.

On one final note about the 2 Bowl Singles, I noticed this:

What’s so odd about this?

Well, when you add one small detail, it looks like a smiley face looking left:


Hang on a minute, is this a graphic telling us the NRL Grand Final has sold out, or is it the final score

Congratulations to the Rabbits on your 1 point win:

Anyway, it’ll be great seeing a packed NRL Grand Final to end the 2021 season…..

In Townsville.

The more he races and wins in Formula 2, the more I realise Oscar Piastri not being in Formula 1 next season wouldn’t be that surprising

He’s an Australian driver in a French academy….

Not the best place in the world for an Australian to be right now.

Peter V’Landys talking in Pig Latin at the Dally M Medal ceremony

Josh Aloai, you are now OSHAY OLAY.

Watching the Australian Story on insider trading last night and I came across this solid horse racing doppelganger

Here’s Raymond Waschl from ASIC, who led the business regulator’s side of the joint investigation with the AFP into Kamay and Hill’s enormous insider trading back in 2013-14:

And here’s his brother from another muddah, esteemed former champion jockey turned trainer Chris Munce:

Although only one of them has done time in a Hong Kong prison cell.

It’s fortunate for R.Kelly that he only faces life behind bars instead of the death penalty for sex trafficking

Because then he’d have to change ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ to ‘I Believe I Can Fry’.

Instead of having questionable foreign owners, I wish A-League clubs like Melbourne City and Brisbane Roar could use more ethical methods of making money, like owning shitloads of poker machines and taking money from vulnerable people:

Yesterday’s Perth Royal Show crowd = 60,001

Hidden typo from the Russian Grand Prix

From /r/formula1

And finally, Jesus Mary and Joseph, how could you **** this up?

Oh yeah that’s right, it’s The Australian, where they can’t even get their hit pieces to be factually correct.

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