Midweek Musings: 6th October

Well it’s October 6 and I moved the Tithbits back a day to fill a void, and today’s opening gambit concerns birthdays for Test cricket captains.

Yesterday the great Pakistani captain & Prime Minister Imran Khan turned 69:

And October 6 would’ve been the birthday of both Richie Benaud and Tony Greig

And completely changing topic, exactly one year ago today, Eddie van Halen and Johnny Nash died on the same day.

Out of everything left field that Matt Rendell has said on AFL Trade Radio this week, this is still the funniest

This is from a few days ago, when he’s talking with Damian Barrett about the West Coast Eagles captaincy, between Shannon Hurn, Elliott Yeo and Luke Shuey:

Rendell: “Surely Hurn doesn’t do it again.” (Hint: he gave up the captaincy after 2019)

Barrett: “He’s already not doing it.”

A little bit later, after throwing up Oscar Allen’s name as well:

Rendell: “I would go Yeo for a year, Shuey for a year….”

Barrett: “Shuey’s had it for 2 years already.”

Rendell: “Alright I’m going Yeo then.”

from Anthony Smith on Twitter

Good news: Manning Wednesday Bowls reports will be returning from NEXT THURSDAY

Down at Royal Manning, the Minister For Good Times Half Price has organised a 3-week Spring Challenge, better known as Clayton’s Jack Attack, starting on October 13 to prepare for the upcoming Jack Attack season starting on November 10.

So in case you didn’t understand that, assuming an atomic bomb doesn’t hit Perth, we’ll be going on October 13, 20 and 27, then it’s a week off due to the Melbourne Cup because Pricey will be on Rottnest and the Tuesday Ladies’ Pennants will need the greens, then it’s all systems go on November 10, 17, 24, December 1, 8, and the Finals + Wind-Up will be on December 15.

The positive sign is that as of last week, a full fortnight in advance, the Spring Challenge is full up for teams (It was capped at 16 because the Grass rinks aren’t quite ready) and I can confirm that with the Trevor Chappells going on hiatus for this season, your roving reporter will be playing in the 3-week competition for the renamed T-Birds….

Who will now be known as The Bowled Guys.

You probably don’t need to figure out the reason why they settled on the name Bowled Guys…. Because they’ve got hairlines that resemble a lawn bowl.

Somebody show this to Brad Hogg, we’ve found his tongue-wagging brother from another mother

And it’s Patriots linebackers coach Steve Belichick, son of Bill Belichick:

Separated at birth I tell ya:

What the Tweet Says

Several Carlton players shaving in support of co-captain Sam Docherty & The Peter Mac Foundation as he goes through another round of chemotherapy

A great touch by Crippa and the Blues, and if you ask me, this is also a great team-building exercise, because when several of those freshly shaven Blues run out for the start of preseason training in the summer, they can convince everyone that Mil Hanna is back playing for Carlton:

So Melbourne will crack 250 days in lockdown this weekend

I remember the last big 250 in Melbourne…

Justin Langer against England on Boxing Day in 2002!

Bless you Rob Moody.

Neil Breen responding to Tyrone May’s Instagram post from Sunday night after the Panthers were celebrating the Grand Final win

For context, what May is referring to in Insta is the series of events that led to him being convicted of revenge porn last year after illegally filming a woman in January of 2018, which resulted in him being stood down for the entire 2019 season, being sentenced to 300 hours of community service, and his victim is currently taking civil legal action against him.

The former Channel 9 journo responded to it by posting the entire sentencing statement by Magistrate Denes last year, and holy lord, it’s the biggest roasting since Niki Lauda:

A human being with as much moral fibre as he as footballing ability.

The scenes in WA on December 1 now that all FIFO mining workers will need to be double vaccinated by January 1 of 2022

Racing Victoria and the Trainers’ Tuki Trout Farm long lunch

The hotly anticipated sequel to the Mornington Air Bnb, and so far we know that Ciaron Maher didn’t attend the luncheon, but this is a key clue:

“A Melbourne Cup-winning trainer attended the lunch”

Now that narrows the suspect list right down, because it’s now any one of Mike Moroney (2000), Danny O’Brien (2019), Mark Kavanaugh (2009), Rob Hickmott (2012 & ’16), Gai Waterhouse (2013), or the ghosts of Bart Cummings, George Hanlon and Harry Telford.

So far the biggest winners out of this brewing crisis has to be Tuki Trout Farm itself, because they’ll be getting craploads of free publicity and business once the state gets out of lockdown:

“Big Sniffy Smithy here, in my undies”

Actually I’ve been a bit harsh on the old Hectic Cheese there, because when it comes to Kiwi rugby league heroes in drugs scandals, he’s only second behind ‘The Beast’ Manu Vatuvei, who recently pleaded guilty to importation of methamphetamine, and is now looking at spending the next few years of his life in the big house.

Boy, I can’t wait for that episode of Police Ten Seven, or as it’s known across the ditch, ‘Police Tun Suvun’

In honour of Benji Marshall officially retiring, here’s the flick pass to Pat Richards in the 2005 Grand Final for the 899,765,123rd time

Good to see the New York Yankees get what they deserve for waterboarding Bronxie the turtle

They got their season ended by the Red Sox at Fenway:

I fired up the Sims 3 for the first time since February and it’s as true to real life as I remember

My dog, who in real life is a paranoid little shit who barks at anyone and everything, developed the aggressive trait after barking at a passing stranger:

And finally, Ringo Starr got caught up in the Pandora Papers

“Many celebrities such as the German model Claudia Schiffer, ex-Beatle Ringo Starr and pop star Shakira also appeared in the research. According to “SZ”, Schiffer and Shakira pointed out that they had complied with all laws and regulations. Ringo Starr therefore did not respond to a request from the journalists.”

I don’t remember that lyric about paying taxes being put in the No No Song:

“No No No No, I don’t pay taxes no more, I’m tired of waking up on the floor, No thank you, please, it only makes me sneeze and then it makes it hard to find the door!”

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