Lawn Bowls

The entry list for the Spring 2021 edition of Manning Jack Attack

With the Grass back up to scratch, a record 26 teams (Just short of the maximum) will take part in the upcoming Jack Attack season, smashing the previous record of 24, and by my count there’s at least 9 teams who are making their Manning Jack Attack debuts, plus a few teams are returning after missing the Summer/Autumn 2021 edition at the start of the year.

  1. Beginners Luck (New) – Let’s hope they’ve got some of it
  2. Bowled Guys – Formerly the T-Birds, renamed to match their hairlines
  3. Bowling Stones – The Manning Primary mums are back for their third season of Jack Attack
  4. Buffed Helmets I (New) – Veteran indoor cricketers and renowned stayers at the bar
  5. Buffed Helmets II (New) – The same as Buffed Helmets I, only they’ve got a II in their name
  6. CD’s (3rd last season) – As always, a few bottles of wine are their priority, the bowls come second
  7. Crawshaw Crisis Committee (aka the CCC) – , Wilko, Decca and the gang are gunning for back to back Biggest Drinker Awards, but they’ll face some super heavyweights
  8. Ghost Riders (New) – One of three teams entered by the MacPhersons, although I’m not sure if they’re the Ghost Riders that Johnny Cash sang about
  9. Great Bowls of Fire (Defending Champs) – Goodness gracious, they’re the defending champions, although who on earth knows who’ll be playing for them
  10. Habib’s – The gents from MV Wholesale are back again, fresh off buying Verry Elleegant in the Manning Melbourne Cup Calcutta
  11. Howard’s End (New) – Named after Howard Parade in Salter Point, and not some successful film starring Dame Emma Thompson.
  12. Jack To The Future – Formerly the Bowlshoviks and the Empire Strikes Jack
  13. Lick My Bowls (New) – You’ll lick ’em alright.
  14. Mac Attack (New) – The second of the three teams entered by the MacPhersons, and if you’re a Mc or a Mac, this is the team for you
  15. Manning Up – Formerly the Tie Break Turkeys, bound to lose a few tiebreaks in the next 6 weeks
  16. Merkins – A great chance of winning the ‘Close To Crap’ Award and the accompanying toilet roll trophy
  17. Out On Parole, Here To Bowl (Formerly Lawn Clippings) – Perennial title contenders despite constant player changes, underwent a last minute name change after they were whipper snipped by Todd on the last bowl of the last Grand Final
  18. Rock N Bowl (New) – The last of the three teams entered by the MacPhersons, could be anything
  19. Stop Drop & Bowl (New) – That’s what you do if there’s a fire on the green.
  20. Team Pamba – Made their Jack Attack debuts last Summer, and they’re back for the end of year comp.
  21. Team Tommy (New) – The team representing the four-legged legend that is Tommy Shelby, so watch them rail like greyhounds
  22. Ten Pin – A veteran team in more ways than one, having played at Manning for many years, although they might have to avoid going for strikes and spares in a game based on precision.
  23. The Lenny’s – Named after Manning pennants veteran Lenny Moulton, the father of Jared, and if they bowl half as well as Lenny does, they’ll go alright.
  24. Top Shots – The Friendliest Team two seasons running, and certainties to make it a hat-trick
  25. Unbelievabowls – Because they’re unbelievable bowls… allegedly.
  26. Verse 1 (Technically new) – Mick and Peg from the Manning Darts are back with a team named after Brookland Valley’s finest white wine, and the current wine special for November at Manning Memorial.

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