Farewell Kimi Raikkonen, master of the one-liner

Ahead of Kimi’s record 349th and final Grand Prix start tonight in Abu Dhabi, here’s a flashback to Martin Brundle’s grid walk for ITV before the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix, which was The Iceman’s last race for McLaren before he replaced the retiring Michael Schumacher at Ferrari.

For context during the impending conversation, the entire world obviously thought Michael was retiring for good (Hint: He wasn’t), and the 7-time World Champion was presented with a commemorative trophy by Pele:

However, being a laconic Finn, Kimi naturally had other priorities than watching two living breathing legends standing together, as Martin Brundle found out on live television:

MB: “Kimi, you missed the presentation by Pele.”

KR: “Yeah.”

MB: “Will you get over it?”

KR: “Yeah well, I was having a shit!”

Still, Martin’s response is a classic bit of wit in of itself:

“Okay, thanks for that… obviously you’ll have a nice light car on the grid then.”

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