I think James Bond stopped off at Swings & Roundabouts

Quick, someone get on the phone to Dr No, Blofeld and Goldfinger, there’s a genuine silver birch Aston Martin DB6 sitting out the front of Swings & Roundabouts, which can only mean that 007 couldn’t find his DB5, was given a DB6 from Q, and has now decided to stop in to Swings & Roundabouts for a wine sampling and a woodfired pizza before popping off to kill his next target:

I wonder where the machine guns are hidden
See the DB6 logo on the right
Looked after by Short Shift Speed Shop in Perth
You can see the symbol for the Aston Martin Owners Club
Produced back in the days when David Brown owned Aston Martin and stuck his name on the logo

It does beg the question as to why Mr Bond would want to try the wine considering he’s a spirits kind of man, but more importantly, sticking an iconic grand tourer like the DB6 out the front of your business is a superb power move, especially when Caves Road is littered with wineries.

“Oh, Aravina have got a genuine 1964 Ford Thunderbird and a Ferrari 308? That’s nice, we pinched this from Sean Connery’s house when he wasn’t looking.”

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