A tremendous triumph for ANZUS in the Slopestyle Snowboarding

When the kids of the future read their history eBooks in school, they’ll learn that moments like this are exactly what the ANZUS Treaty was signed for in 1951, even if all three of the countries pretend it doesn’t exist anymore:

Gold Medal: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, A Kiwi born in the remote New Zealand West Island town of Sydney, wins New Zealand’s maiden Winter Olympic Gold Medal with back to back 1080s

Silver Medal: Julia Marino, an American who coincidentally has the same surname as the golden armed No.13 Dan Marino, secures the USA’s first medal in Beijing

Bronze: 4 years on from a torn ACL in Pyeongchang, Tess Coady secures Australia’s first medal in Beijing, making her the most successful entity from St Kilda since 1966

(From Channel 7 & the IOC)

Forget about today being Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary, here’s a new bunch of Queens!

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  1. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott has that ANZUS wrapped up in one package. Australian-born, NZ athlete born to a US father 🤓
    Loved the analogies but how about that precious medals belt of Melbourne’s bayside for the Winter Olympics and World Cup medals!?

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