Lawn Bowls

Random PSA: Today is my 3rd anniversary on WordPress

Cue the music:

The superior birthday song

1,233 posts (With at least 3 more to come), 25 threatening emails, a pandemic, at least 1500 failed Crazy Craig picks, we’ve come a long way from a random Sunday morning when I created the page from one of my skin grafts.

Half of what I just said is true.

Also, I should note February 8 is James Dean’s birthday…. he would’ve been 91 today, had he understood what a brake pedal looked like.

So, to celebrate this unremarkable anniversary, I’ve got another announcement to make….


As Ross Lyon once randomly Tweeted…

For the first time ever in a Manning Jack Attack tournament, we’ll have a full set of 28 teams, which makes the news that I got called up to play 4th Division on Thursday seem irrelevant.

In fact, when I told that fact to Dave the Greenkeeper this evening, he did everything except have a heart attack…

Nothing to do with the fact that we’ve got 28 teams ready to wear down his lovely green, but the fact that I’m not playing in 5th Division on Thursday.

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