A solid coincidence in the AFLW today

So in today’s lucky last game of Round 6 of the AFLW season, the Western Bulldogs racked up their first win outside of Melbourne in 3 long years.

Prior to today, as alluded to in the Fox Footy broadcast, the Bulldogs’ last win outside of Melbourne was Round 1 of 2019, when they defeated Adelaide by 1 point at Norwood Oval.

Funnily enough, it was the only game the Crows lost in 2019, as they went on to win the Premiership.

Now, who did the Bulldogs play today?


Where did they play them?

Norwood Oval.

What was the final margin?


No wonder the umpires put the whistle away in the last minute when there were 32 players around the ball at the teeth of the Crows goal….. It wasn’t that they couldn’t see the damn ball, they just knew we could get one hell of a coincidence.

Yep, so there we go, the upset of the AFLW season, and a leading contender for Coincidence of the Year.

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