News flash, it actually rained in Perth

Total Rainfall in the Perth gauge in January: 0mm

Check out that run of 40+ degree days between the 19th to the 23rd

Total Rainfall in the Perth gauge in February: 1.6mm

And the moment this boiling Summer pisses off and the Autumn begins, we get 1.6mm of rainfall within the first 36 hours of March:

What a strange old Tuesday morning it was, as I was having a pleasant roll-up filling on for the 4th Division Women’s Tuesday Pennants (Apparently I do have to shave my legs to get a game), when out of nowhere, these strange watery droplets started belting down from the sky, causing us to bolt for cover:

After quick consultation with Siri, we discovered this water was called ‘Rain’, which we assumed was too busy biblically submerging towns in New South Wales and Queensland to even realise that Western Australia exists.

1.6mm of rain… That’s probably what the poor buggers in Lismore, Ballina and the rest of the Northern Rivers have been copping every 15 seconds.

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