The essence of Joe Daniher

Takes a half-decent screamer right in front 15 metres out, with 4 seconds left in the half, and Brisbane trailing Port Adelaide by 4 points….

Aaaaaand instead of kicking the simple goal, Joe unselfishly hands the ball off to Nakia Cockatoo right as the siren goes, and it’s no score.

That is the essence of Joe Daniher… All the talent in the world, produces some absolutely outstanding moments, yet he does some of the stupidest, mind-boggling crap you’d ever see on a footy field.

In short, he is football’s answer to a Golden Retriever.

And because it’s Joe Daniher, he ultimately finished with a game-high 4 goals in a low scoring game, and the Lions came back from 24 points down in the 2nd Half to win by 11 points.

Although, if he’d been a bit more attentive, it could’ve been 17 points.

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