Congratulations to Joel Selwood, soon to be the longest serving AFL captain in history

Last week we saw Buddy Franklin join the 1000 goal club, and this weekend, in the Collingwood vs Geelong game at the MCG on Saturday night, Geelong captain and games record holder Joel Selwood, having served as leader at the Cattery since 2012, will break Carlton great Stephen Kernahan’s record for the Most VFL/AFL games as Captain, a record Sticks has held since the end of 1997, when he claimed the record from Essendon legend Dick Reynolds, who had held the record since at least the end of World War II, as ‘King Richard’ captain-coached the Bombers for a grand total of 12 seasons (1939-50), which included 4 premierships.

Nick Riewoldt gave up the St Kilda captaincy prior to his last season in 2017, which cost himself the record

For those of you who are too young or simply don’t care about the outgoing record holder, Sticks Kernahan played 136 games at Glenelg before crossing to Carlton in 1986, ultimately earning the Carlton captaincy in his second season at the Blues following Mark Maclure’s retirement, and in his first season as captain in ’87, the Blues went on to win the minor premiership and a record 15th premiership, after which the mulleted spearhead celebrated by performing the most famous cover of Stand By Your Man since the Blues Brothers had beer bottles pelted at them.

It’s worth noting that this record won’t be the only VFL/AFL record Selwood has – Contrary to popular belief, he does not have the most recorded career free kicks (Ian Nankervis has held that record since 1982), but he does have the record for the most career tackles, which he claimed from Matt Priddis in Round 7 of last year

That number is now up to 1,711

Another record hold by Joel is being credited (By me) with single-handedly maintaining the share price of Elastoplast over the last 15 years, thanks to the ungodly number of head wounds he’s sustained, to the potential detriment of his long term health.

From the Geelong Football Club
If they ever build a Joel Selwood statue, that should be the head

So Joel, as a tribute to your big moment, here’s Sticks performing Stand By Your Man, because you’ll have done that for 227 games:

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