People and things who would give away 50 metres under the AFL’s arms out rule

So if this is now a 50 metre penalty in the AFL, then I think various people around the universe are in a fair bit of shizen.

In no particular order…

Christ The Redeemer, giving away 50 metres to the heathens:

Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic… Leonardo DiCaprio also gave away 50 metres for being in the protected area:

Steve Bradbury gives away 50 metres after giving away a 50 metre headstart in Salt Lake City:

Baghdad Bob gives away 50 metres to the US Army during the Invasion of Iraq:

Scott Morrison called for dissent, 50 metres to the ALP:

Patrick Dangerfield with a blatant display of dissent:

Han Solo showing dissent towards the Empire:

Chris Scott:

Billy Bowden copping it from Warnie:

Given it was recently Easter, here’s Jim Caviezel as Jesus on the Cross displaying dissent towards the Roman Centurions, 50 metres and a painful death.

Bender from Futurama with a 100 metre penalty:

Rocky Balboa gives away 50 metres to Apollo Creed:

All of you, arms out, that’s 50 Metres.

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