Stunning full moon in Sydney tonight for Origin I

And out of 5,361,000 people, Cameron Munster had the best view of it all, shining brightly out of James Tedesco’s shorts:

I think it adds to Munster’s insanely great performance that he was able to win Player of the Match despite having a grown man’s crack seared into his mind, which leads me to this Tier 1 Tweet:

Now, I wonder how many useless arse jokes can I reel off:

Cameron Munster receives invite to Silvio Berlusconi’s next Bunga Bunga after enjoying a faceful of Italian arse

Tedesco exposes huge crack in underwhelming Blues attacking line

Cheeky Teddy flashes interstate tourist

Once again, New South Wales have more arse than class

John Hopoate experiences conflicting feelings seeing a New South Wales player with his strides down

Tedesco asks teammates to insert coins into slot to activate metre eating machine

Hey Gus, this is how you CRACK a sad

Homebush is still the arse end of the Earth

“This isn’t where I parked my bike!” – Cameron Munster

And finally:

Tedesco asks for belt as wedding present

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