Joel Kelso has worse luck than Kenny from South Park, Part 2

During the warm-up for the Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez just shy of two months ago, expat Territorian Joel Kelso copped a blindside hit by a riderless bike while he was on a hot lap, which led to him missing the French Grand Prix a fortnight later due to the effects of a leg injury sustained in the crash.

Following that, in last weekend’s German Grand Prix, it was 36 degrees Celsius on raceday at the Sachsenring, horrible conditions for a ginger like Joel, and he only lasted 9 laps before crashing out.

And now tonight, during the last lap of the Dutch TT at Assen, Joel was on course for a hard fought Top 10 finish after qualifying in the Top 10…

And right behind him, Adrian Fernandez went into Turn 8 too tight, carried way too much speed attempting a suicidal overtake from too far back, predictably lost the front end, clipped Joel’s rear wheel, and sent him into yet another horrible-looking highside.

What a lovely way to start a 5-week holiday – Confirmed right ankle & foot fracture, along with a suspected broken right tibia & fractured knee, while Fernandez will probably get off scot free.

Funnily enough, I think today was 30 years to the day since Mick Doohan fatefully broke his leg during qualifying for the 1992 Dutch TT.

There’s just something about Australian riders and broken legs at Assen.

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