Goal of the Year has been decided, and the winner is Josh Daicos

2 GOTY crowns in 3 years for Josh with goals to make his Macedonian Marvel of a father blush, and brother Nick is tracking nicely to win the Rising Star, as Peter Daicos’ reproductive abilities continue to surpass his considerable footballing abilities:

In all seriousness, this is outstanding

Handball to himself to keep the ball in play, beating his opponent.

Proceeds to pull off a basketball bounce with an oval ball, beating another Bombers player in the process.

Puts everyone in the shade and runs Inside 50 looking for a teammate.

Can’t get an obvious target, so he snaps the goal himself, because he’s a Daicos.

What’s that you’re saying?

Goal of the Year hasn’t been decided yet?

Well it just was, by me, and I’ve got 800,000 witnesses to back me up.

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