JT’s Succinct Random NRL Picks: Round 20, 2022

Things seen on Twitter:

‘I also wouldn’t want to wear the Manly Pride Jersey…. Nothing to do with the rainbow, I just ****in’ hate Manly.’

So this mild week in rugbaleeg started with the Tigers pretty much having the game sewn up against the Cowboys thanks to a last minute try and exactly 1 second to go after the failed conversion, in which time the Cowboys kicked off, Kyle Feldt ran straight into Tigers centre Asu Kepaoa in an attempt to get an escort penalty, the Cowboys were somehow allowed a Captain’s Challenge when they shouldn’t have been as the siren had gone, the game was officially over and the referee hadn’t called a stoppage in play for anything on the last play, then Bunker official Ashley Klein had a look and somehow called the Tigers for said escort, Holmes took the two and slotted the goal to crush Wests.

Understandably, the Tigers are now looking for a loophole to get the result overturned, although they may just attempt it Trump style and attack Rugby League HQ in Moore Park, while Ashley Klein will not feature in any game this weekend, nor should he feature in any game for the remainder of this season, although knowing the NRL he’ll be punished with a Grand Final gig.

Then Kevin Proctor filmed himself vaping in a toilet while the Titans got their heads kicked in by Josh Addo-Carr & the Bulldogs on Sunday afternoon, leading to his contract being terminated the next day, mainly because he didn’t film himself snorting cocaine.

Dale Finucane was suspended for 3 games for an incidental head clash, which was one of the more minor stories of the week.

Then you may have seen a few things involving Manly and a trailblazing Rainbow-coloured Pride jersey, meant to represent inclusiveness, with 7 players (Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau’atu, Tolutau Koula and Toafofoa Sipley) boycotting the jersey on the basis of faith, although it’s possible some of them were just annoyed the club decided to wear it during Women In League Round because they’re all proud feminists.

So with Sydney’s talkback lines blowing up left right and centre at the sight of bigotry and a lack of persecution, it’s reached the point where none of the Rainbow Seven can attend the game for security reasons, probably because the Silvertails fans want to kill them and wear their skins for abandoning their teammates at a time when Manly are only just outside the Top 8, and this weekend they’re playing the Roosters in a genuine 4 point game, and you’d very nearly put a red line through the finals chances of the loser.

In fact, I heard from third-hand news that Manly were so short-handed this week that Des Hasler was going to ask Schindler’s Ark author and Silvertails superfan Thomas Keneally to play, and Des was also considering sending an SOS to Hugh Jackman, and former PM Tony Abbott….

But then he remembered why the players boycotted.

So we’re on to the Picks for Round 20, and I was very solid with 6/8 last week after stuffing up the Broncos and Dragons, especially not giving the Broncs enough respect in what was their first win at Commbank Stadium after several years of torture against Parramatta, although I was pleased with the fact that the major Random Pick was smashed out of the park by picking Souths to get their first win against Melbourne in 4 years, as the Storm’s season begins to resemble Ryan Papenhuyzen’s patella in Round 18…

Splintered into 10,000 pieces.

Progressive Score After Round 19: 104/146 (71.2%), without Origin games 103/143

Round 20 Picks:

Major Random Pick of the Week, in a sequel to last week’s Souths pick…..


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