The Ferrari Choose Your Own Adventure Game, Hungarian Grand Prix Edition

Question 1. Your Scarlet Red machines are starting from 2nd and 3rd on the grid, your raw pace is the best of anyone, and your main championship rivals are 10th and 11th at the Hungaroring, a track notoriously tough to overtake on.

Do You:

A) Start on a Soft tyre, like George Russell, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, getting it out of the way as early as possible, which also allows to run Medium tyres for the rest of the day.


B) Start on the Medium tyre, do 2 stints on the Yellow banded tyres, and potentially finish the race on Soft tyres to attack at the finish.

You have selected B)….

Congratulations, you are now holding 2nd and 3rd places with Carlos Sainz and Charles LeClerc, and you’re putting pressure on the race leader Russell, this afternoon might just work out for you, especially with Verstappen behind on the track!

Question 2. It’s time for the first pit stop on Lap 16 and George Russell has pitted first for Medium tyres.

Do you:

A) Make both drivers run 20+ laps on their set of Mediums before changing tyres, have a nice smooth tyre change and potentially try a 1-stop on Hards until the end, or run Softs in the middle stint, which nobody else is doing because they’ll lose too much time.


B) Despite claiming he’s closing, bring Carlos in much earlier than predicted and cover the undercut by Mercedes the next lap, make him lose an extra second due to cocking up the release from the pit box, while Charles runs longer to Lap 22, despite claiming he can go another 7 or 8 laps on his set of Mediums.

You have selected B), congratulations, after electing to save track position you are still 2nd and 3rd, and your lead driver is now Charles, who has the youngest set of tyres of any driver in the Top 6!


Although, you may want to think about how you manage that last tyre set, because you do need to run two different compounds.

Question 3. Thanks to staying out longer, Charles has taken the lead from George Russell and is the fastest car on the track with the advantage of younger tyres, allowing him to lead by over 5 seconds before the second round of pit stops, Carlos is 3rd, and Mattia Binotto tells David Croft on Sky F1 he isn’t worried about Max Verstappen’s pace.

Do you:

A) Keep Charles out for a longer stint of 30+ laps, fulfilling his desire to stay on the Mediums for as long as possible and setting him up to end the race with a 20-lap stint on the Soft tyre to combat Verstappen and the Mercedes duo.


B) Bring Charles in after 18 laps (At the same as George Russell) and put him on the Hard tyre, which has been run by several midfield teams (e.g Alpine) with absolutely no positive results due to the lower track temperature and the slippery conditions, and was not recommended by Pirelli as a viable alternative strategy to anything, and due to gaps between cars will put Charles back into traffic.

You have selected B):

Congratulations, your car has no grip and is now sliding all over the track, and you are now a sitting duck to a charging Max Verstappen, who has undercut Russell + Sainz, and will overtake Charles twice for the effective lead after doing a 360 spin for shits and giggles.

“****…. The tyres are shit!” – Charles LeClerc

Adding further insult to poor decision making, the Hard tyres never come alive, and Charles loses a net 2nd place to George Russell.

Question 4. Your strategy choice have completely ruined your lead driver’s race and seen him lose more ground to his title rival Verstappen, while the decision to pit Carlos earlier than expected in his first stint means his used Soft tyres are 5 laps older than the set bolted on to Lewis Hamilton directly behind.

Do you:

A) Keep Charles out and watch his lap times fall off the page, potentially leaving him exposed to a charging Sergio Perez in 6th, despite Checo’s Medium tyres being even older than Charles’ Hards.

B) Pit Charles again for a set of Soft tyres that leaves him in 6th behind Checo, but he will have a chance at the fastest lap bonus point.

You have chosen B), Congratulations, Charles re-emerges from his fourth stop of the day in 6th, and despite a massive tyre advantage cannot pass Checo, he also doesn’t get the fastest lap, and despite being passed by Lewis and having a tyre advantage over George, Carlos finishes 2.2 seconds off the podium.

Thank you for playing the Ferrari Strategy Game – After starting 2nd and 3rd and leading the race, you have finished…

4th and 6th.

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