Now Ferrari can screw up at Monza in Modena yellow instead of Scarlet red

Released several hours ago, which may as well be years ago, the Maranello mob call this the Giallo Modena Special Edition, which either translates to ‘Modena Yellow’ or ‘Minion Yellow’, an absolutely perfectly simple design in celebration of 75 years since old man Enzo founded Scuderia Ferrari:

You can tell that smile’s fake, because no driver would be smiling after the things Ferrari’s pit wall have done to Charles and Carlos

Of course, the reason for the yellow has a couple of meanings:

Ferrari are going to put Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz on Medium tyres when they ask for Softs.

Yellow and blue are the colours of the flag & coat of arms of the city/commune of Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, with Ferrari’s headquarters at Maranello being in the south of Modena.

Ferrari’s original colour was yellow (Giallo Modena they call it) as a nod to Modena, with Giallo Modena still offered by Ferrari on their models, and the switch to Rosso Corsa in the mid-20th century was due to red being Italy’s national racing colour.

Ferrari’s iconic ‘Prancing Horse’ logo is yellow & black from now until the end of time.

Ferrari want to emphasise their status as the Renault of Italy, appropriate considering Carlos Sainz drove for Renault.

Ferrari mechanics were big fans of Eddie Jordan and Jordan’s Benson & Hedges liveries in the late 1990s.

Ferrari have repeatedly slipped on banana peels this season.

Charles LeClerc dressed up as a banana during a Twitch stream:

And, right up until 1995, Ferrari mechanics wore yellow & black uniforms at Grand Prix weekends, before they switched to the traditional red in the same year Michael Schumacher joined the team in 1996 – This photo from Hungary 1990 being an example:

Of course, keeping consistent with Ferrari this season, the outfits will start the weekend yellow, then by the end of the race on Sunday, they’ll end up scarlet red after Ferrari’s strategists and mechanics stab Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz through the heart thanks to some botched strategy.

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