The Monza Winners’ Curse becomes a Trilogy

Episode 1: 2019 winner Charles LeClerc has a rear end snap at the Parabolica and goes slam, bang into the tyre wall on Lap 23:

Episode 2, 2021: 2020 winner Pierre Gasly loses his front wing and crashes at the Curva Grande on Lap 1 in the Sprint Race, retires from the Grand Prix after 3 laps due to suspension failure.

Episode 3, 2022: 2021 Winner Daniel Ricciardo suffers an oil leak from 8th on Lap 45, the race ends under the Safety Car because the marshals can’t move the McLaren, so they pick it up by crane and leave it hanging next to a tree like a piƱata.

From /r/formula1

An appropriate metaphor for Ricciardo’s departure from McLaren… A hanging for all the public to see.

Which means by process of linear progression, Max Verstappen won’t make the finish at Monza next year.

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