Sydney Swans vs Collingwood: The Clash of the Coincidences

Time to return to my field of expertise (The art of the coincidence) ahead of the Preliminary Final at the SCG on Saturday, and at least one of these historical coincidences is going to lose out when either the Swans or Magpies qualify for the Grand Final.

On the part of the Sydney Swans, the coincidences are lining up for a flag 10 years on from their last success in 2012:

YearSydney’s position on the ladderWin-Loss recordDefeated Hawthorn in Launceston?Defeated 2nd-placed team in the Qualifying Final?Preliminary Final OpponentGrand Final Half-Time EntertainmentFinal position
20123rd 16-6YesYesCollingwoodThe Temper TrapPremiers
20223rd16-6YesYesCollingwoodThe Temper Trap……

Not that I ever want to see the last quarter of 2012 again, but here we go…

I’d also add another coincidence for the Swans…

Prior to 2022, the last Grand Final to be played on September 24 was way back in 2005.

What happened that year?

The Swans finished 3rd on the ladder and ended their 72-year premiership drought.

As for Collingwood, this coincidence was noted by Pies fan emuboy in the Amazing Coincidences thread on BigFooty back in December of 2014, and now several thousand people have mentioned it with the death of Queen Elizabeth last week and Collingwood winning their Semi Final against Fremantle, ahead of its ultimate Litmus Test this Saturday.

Since the founding of the VFL, in every year in which there’s been a change of British monarch, Collingwood has appeared in the VFL/AFL Grand Final.

1901: Victoria dies and is succeeded by Edward VII, Collingwood lose the Grand Final to Essendon

1910: Edward VII dies and is succeeded by George V, Collingwood defeat Carlton in the Grand Final

1936: George V dies and is succeeded by Edward VIII, Edward VIII abdicates and is succeeded by George VI, Collingwood defeat South Melbourne in the Grand Final

1952: George VI dies and is succeeded by Elizabeth II, Collingwood lose the Grand Final to Geelong

emuboy did note that the Magpies won the premiership when only Kings were involved (1910 & 1936), but lost when a Queen was involved (1901 & 1952), which can only mean if they spring an upset at the SCG, they’re up the creek in a week’s time.

One other note from me for next year: Collingwood have also featured in every Grand Final in the same year that the succeeding monarch was Coronated:

Edward VII was coronated on August 9, 1902, Collingwood defeated Essendon in the Grand Final.

George V was coronated on June 22, 1911, Collingwood lost to Essendon in the Grand Final.

George VI was coronated on May 12, 1937, Collingwood lost to Geelong in the Grand Final.

Elizabeth II was coronated on June 2, 1953, Collingwood defeated Geelong in the Grand Final.

Given Charles will almost certainly have his coronation next year, load up on the Pies to make the Grand Final in 2023… and probably lose it.

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