Tuesday Tithbits: 20th September

News Flash from Sandra ‘JT’ Sully on the Late News Desk…

In case you completely forgot, Australia are currently playing India in a Twenty20 series in India, RIGHT NOW.

Explains why I can’t get a game with Brad Hogg in the Friday jackpot pairs at Manning right now, the bugger’s gone off commentating across the subcontinent.

Reminds me of how I didn’t find out the Davis Cup Qualifiers were on last weekend until they actually started, by which time Australia had already dispatched Belgium.

Now, on to the penultimate Tuesday of September, and I felt there was some quality content from Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral last night:

Homer Simpson during the service at Westminster:

Formula 1 Twitter delivering the goods after they found out Sky F1 broadcast the funeral

It’s lights out and away they go!

David Croft giving a rundown of the London Funeral Grand Prix track:

That’s not a joke by the way, every single channel on Sky in the United Kingdom carried the funeral…. Among them Sky F1.

Can’t imagine what the Sky Crime broadcast involved…. Probably a camera fixated on Prince Andrew.

On that note, wasn’t it was great to see Sky F1 broadcast Ted’s Notebook: Westminster Abbey Edition

“Hello everybody, welcome to Ted’s Notebook, and after today’s performance around the streets of London, it’s pretty clear that the upgraded titles that King Charles received two weeks ago have seen him improve his pace by 3-4 tenths per step as he claims his long-awaited title in 2022, a wait for a crown only matched by Nigel Mansell in 1992.”

“Prince William displayed consistent pace to establish himself as the clear No.2 driver in the Windsor team, Harry & Meghan were clearly disappointed to be caught back in the pack when they got to Westminster Abbey, team principal Thomas Markle told me after the race that it really ruined their afternoon as any chance of a points-scoring finish disappeared while sitting behind Sarah Ferguson…”

“And my last note, Ferrari’s decision to fit the Hard tyres onto the Queen’s gun carriage saw the armed forces lose time to Max Verstappen during the last 20 miles to Windsor Castle, Mattia Binotto conceded they should’ve used the Mediums.”

On that note, like many people, I wish Sky Nature had allowed Sir David Attenborough to provide a commentary on proceedings

“Here we see the majestic Archbishop of Canterbury delivering a sermon about the Queen, who served the hive so beautifully as the head of the Anglican hive for 70 years, and once he finishes his sentence, the hive will descend on the corpse and devour it to collect its nutrients.”

If Mathieu Raynal had been refereeing after the Funeral yesterday, he’d have stopped the Gun Carriage after 10 metres and penalised them for time wasting

Alternatively, if Raynal had been put in charge of ‘The Queue’ to see the Queen lying in state at Westminster Hall, the wait time would’ve been cut down from several days to no more than 30 minutes….

Anyone that took longer than 39 seconds to see the Queen, and he’d have blown his whistle and awarded the All Blacks an uncontested scrum feed.

Who waits until the last 2 minutes of a Bledisloe Cup match to finally call a time-wasting penalty….

It’s apparent that despite Anthony Albanese’s best efforts in licking Emmanuel Macron’s ear, the French still hate our guts because of the submarine deal.

Received some classic Grand Final material courtesy of the Rocket, just in time for Saturday’s grudge match between the Cats and Swans

And let me tell you, my dear old father has discovered a bunch of pearlers down there in the lightless reaches of Victoria’s Surf Coast – A set of Football Record from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s involving Hawthorn and Collingwood, among them…

The 1974 Qualifying Final between Hawthorn and North Melbourne, the first of 10 finals between the Hawks and Roos from ’74 to 1978, the 1983 Grand Final between Hawthorn and Essendon, the 1985 Grand Final between Essendon and Hawthorn, the 1986 Grand Final between Carlton and Hawthorn, the 1987 Preliminary Final between Hawthorn and Melbourne, best remembered for Jim Stynes running through the mark to set up Gary Buckenara’s goal after the siren, and the 1988 Grand Final between Hawthorn and Melbourne, described as the Ferrari versus the Pushbike as the Hawks won by a then-record 96 points.

Having a flick through the 1983 Grand Final record, among the adverts for Winfield and Peter Jackson, there’s a message from then-VFL President Dr Allen Aylett, which is a coincidental case of timing, as the great Doc, who did the impossible and made North Melbourne a respectable football club, died only last week.

Also in the package, there’s also a Record from Round 22 of 1996 between Collingwood and the Brisbane Bears, a game in which the Bears travelled to Victoria Park needing to win to claim a historic minor premiership, in what was their last season prior to the merger with Fitzroy, with that weekend’s Record focused on Fitzroy’s last league game.

And to answer the question of a 150-goal season from Plugger…. No, nobody has even cracked 125 goals since 1996.

Instead, the Magpies blew the Bears away by 49 points, and Sydney would go on to win their first Minor Premiership while North Melbourne stormed into 2nd place, and further to this edition, I noticed that the moment one turns the cover, there’s a very familiar Kangaroos key forward who didn’t play a game in 1996, who will be playing a very key part in the Grand Final on Saturday…

A lovely photo of Horse Longmire before he had to deal with Sam Reid’s consistent injuries.

After being rejected by more experienced coaches, Essendon have been seen sighted interviewing their latest candidate for the head coaching job

Archie, the NAB Auskicker of the Year.

Arryn Siposs, currently punting for the Philadelphia Eagles, could still get a game for St Kilda based on this tackle

The Vikings block a field goal and look certain to score a Kick Six?


It reminds me of Michael Dickson’s blocked punt that he turned into a scoop and a second punt for the Seahawks last year – Some plays that would be rare in the NFL are sometimes a fundamental skill in Australian Rules Football, and Siposs wouldn’t forget something as basic as a chase + rundown tackle.

Heck, Darren Bennett

Penrith vs South Sydney is a self-explanatory Grand Final rematch, so here’s a recap of the last time North Queensland and Parramatta met in a Preliminary Final

The year is 2005, the Eels struck gold and finished as minor premiers in a tight season, knocked out Manly in Week One to go straight into the Prelim Final, then became the outright Premiership favourite after Wests Tigers pulled off a stunner on St George-Illawarra mere hours after the Sydney Swans ended their premiership drought, while the Cowboys had to go the long way around the Finals after losing 50-6 against the Tigers in Week One of the Finals, but the ‘Boys buttered up and knocked out the Melbourne Storm 24-16 in Week 2, and returning to the scene of the crime on a Sunday afternoon at the end of September…

And the Cowboys smacked the Eels 29-0.

Goodness me, Graham Murray was a tremendous coach getting that Cowboys team from the doldrums to a Grand Final in 4 seasons.

Quick Grand Final stat before I whip up something for tomorrow…

Given they both played in multiple premierships for Hawthorn, one of Isaac Smith for Geelong or Lance Franklin for Sydney will become the 31st player in VFL/AFL history to play in a Premiership team with 2 clubs.

The 30 thus far:

  1. Eddie Drohan = Fitzroy (1898, 1999) and Collingwood (1903)
  2. Mick Grace = Fitzroy (1898, 1899) and Carlton (1906, 1907)
  3. Frank Caine = Carlton (1906, 1907) and Essendon (1912)
  4. Jim Martin = Essendon (1912) and Fitzroy (1913)
  5. Charlie Norris = Collingwood (1910) and Fitzroy (1913, 1916)
  6. Tom Fitzmaurice = Essendon (1923, 1924) and Geelong (1925)
  7. Horrie Edmonds = Collingwood (1929, 1930) and Richmond (1934)
  8. Jack Carney = Geelong (1931) and Carlton (1938)
  9. Brighton Diggins = South Melbourne (1933) and Carlton (1938)
  10. Keith Stackpole = Collingwood (1935, 1936) and Fitzroy (1944)
  11. Gordon Abbott = Geelong (1937) and Essendon (1942, 1946)
  12. Peter McLean = Melbourne (1964) and Carlton (1968)
  13. Ian Stewart = St Kilda (1966) and Richmond (1973)
  14. Barry Davis = Essendon (1962, 1965) and North Melbourne (1975)
  15. Doug Wade = Geelong (1963) and North Melbourne (1975)
  16. Brent Crosswell = Carlton (1968, 1970) and North Melbourne (1975, 1977)
  17. Barry Rowlings = Hawthorn (1976) and Richmond (1980)
  18. Bryan Wood = Richmond (1973, 1974, 1980) and Essendon (1985)
  19. Darren Jarman = Hawthorn (1991) and Adelaide (1997, 1998)
  20. Martin Pike = North Melbourne (1999) and Brisbane (2001, 2002, 2003)
  21. Blake Caracella = Essendon (2000) and Brisbane (2003)
  22. Gavin Wanganeen = Essendon (1993) and Port Adelaide (2004)
  23. Byron Pickett = North Melbourne (1999) and Port Adelaide (2004)
  24. Damien Hardwick = Essendon (2000) and Port Adelaide (2004)
  25. Jason Ball = West Coast (1994) and Sydney (2005)
  26. Cameron Mooney = North Melbourne (1999) and Geelong (2007, 2009)
  27. Stuart Dew = Port Adelaide (2004) and Hawthorn (2008)
  28. Darren Jolly = Sydney (2005) and Collingwood (2010)
  29. Shaun Burgoyne = Port Adelaide (2004) and Hawthorn (2013, 2014, 2015)
  30. Lewis Jetta = Sydney (2012) and West Coast (2018)

Luke Dahlhaus could join the list given he is still a Geelong player, but he’s played one game since July and would have to whip out a steel chair and take out a few teammates by Saturday to have any chance of playing.

When you think about it, in the 2022 season, Carlton had the last two Coleman Medalists, they had the Brownlow Medalist, they were 10-3 in the middle of June…

and they still shit the bed and missed the Finals by 1 point.

Maybe that was a bit of karma for Cripps getting off his charge on a technicality – Have your Brownlow, but you get to miss out on the finals in the most brutal way imaginable.

And finally, if you feel down this week, just remember this….

Peter Ladhams would’ve been first cab off the rank to replace Sam Reid in the Swans’ Grand Final team if Reid isn’t fit by Thursday, but Peter decided to plant a late hit on a Casey player late in a Qualifying Final that Sydney were losing by 10 goals, earning himself a 3-match ban and ending his season.

I believe George Costanza had a phrase for a situation like this:

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