MotoGP Monday: Jack Miller wins again!

Here’s something to start the week…

It was the Japanese Motorcycle Grand Prix at Motegi on the weekend, the first MotoGP visit to Japan since 2019, and Jack Miller, aka the ‘Jackass’, or ‘Thriller Miller’, started from 7th…

But in a dry weather display that was years in the making, Miller ripped through the Top 6 with some downhill braking, and was into the lead by Lap 3 after passing Jorge Martin out of the bridge, he never trailed after that, and proceeded to consistently lap 3-tenths faster than everyone else for the rest of the race.

Heck, Jack’s fastest lap of the race was 2-tenths faster than anyone else’s best, and he had the 3 fastest laps of the race, and he could’ve won by 5 seconds if he wanted to…

But he eased off in the final sector and won by 3.4 seconds instead, just so he could pop a wheelie on the finish line.

Jack’s fourth MotoGP win, and his first since the French Grand Prix in May of last year, and no Jack Miller win is complete without a big-arse stoppie:

A burnout in the pits to make everyone taste rubber:

And of course, a shoey.

Bravo, Jackass.

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