I’d just like to say RIP to another legend born on October 16, the great Angela Lansbury

After a great knock of 96 years, 6 Tony Awards and 6 Golden Globes, we must say vale to Dame Angela Lansbury, the lady who solved more murders on American television between the years 1984 to 1996 than anyone else, while operating under the alias of Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote.

It seems odd there was never a Murder, She Wrote episode about the 12 thefts of Lansbury’s overdue Emmy Award for portraying Fletcher.

Yes that’s correct, Lansbury had 12 Emmy nominations for Murder, She Wrote and the buggers never gave her an award, while she won 4 Golden Globes for the exact same role.

Utter theft.

Another odd fact I enjoyed about Angela Lansbury, besides the fact we have/had the same birthday, is that she’s a distant cousin of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as Turnbull’s mother was Coral Lansbury, who was a second cousin of Angela.

Now, who else have we got left that’s born on October 16, besides me…

Charles LeClerc, Naomi Osaka, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Casey Stoner…

Tim Robbins?

Oh, spare me.

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