As we expected, the Sri Lanka vs Namibia match to open the T20 World Cup ended in a hammering

Yes, at Kardinia Park on a boring Sunday afternoon we had the Asian Cup champions, Test-playing nation Sri Lanka against Associate nation powerhouse Namibia, the country known in the sporting world for losing an international rugby match 142-0 against Australia in 2003, who had been bowled out for 96 against Sri Lanka in last year’s T20 World Cup.

And with half of Geelong watching on, the pride of Southern Africa, who were 6/93 in the 15th over, absolutely dunked on a team of rank amateurs with the bat, ball and in the field to win by 55 runs, in a result too lopsided to be dismissed as a fluke.

Considering who Sri Lanka defeated in the Asia Cup, I believe by the ancient process of natural selection, this result makes Namibia better than India and Pakistan by default.

Congratulations Namibia, that’s arguably the second-best result by a team playing at Kardinia Park this year, behind Tom Hawkins outscoring North Melbourne on his lonesome in Round 16.

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