The BOM have basically ensured the BOM will never be referred to as anything other than the BOM

You saw it in the news today, but this is the official press release in which the BOM have cracked the sads like a 5-year-old during a tantrum and said they want to be called The Bureau henceforth, because stuff the Bureau of Statistics, stuff the Transport Safety Bureau, stuff the FBI, and stuff the Bureau of Magical Things, we’re THE Bureau.

And here was the accompanying picture from the BOM:

Why would the BOM even consider asking to be referred to their actual name, which is the Website Whose Weather Radars Are So Shithouse They’re Always Down For Maintenance For Several Months At A Time?

Why would the BOM even put in such a request when their app name is literally BOM, in both name and logo?

Why else would they do it when they quite literally advertise said App on the BOM website, which is bom.gov.au?

Surely it’s easier calling the BOM the BOM because it sounds cool, it rolls off the tongue, it’s not as pissy as calling them The Bureau like a certain American intelligence agency, and it’s easier to create an associating acronym because we’re such lazy modern bastards.

If you ask me, this should go down as a classic case of reverse psychology, because some tubthumper at the BOM has no understanding of the sarcasm levels of Western society.

You don’t get to fight your nickname, because fighting only makes it stick.

“Hello everyone, we don’t want to be called the BOM anymore.”

“What’s that you say?”

“Could you not call us the BOM anymore, please?”

“Okay, you want us to keep calling you the BOM?”

“NO, we DON’T want to be referred to as the BOM.”

“Okay, you’re still the BOM to us.”

The BOM by Friday:

Anyway, I’d better hop on the Bureau of Meteorology and find out what the weather’s like for next Wednesday.

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