James Sicily talking about the Tasmanian AFL team recruiting and retaining players

Now for context, if you want to listen to the question Sicily gets about potential barriers for players living and playing in Tassie and his response, it starts at 6:53 here:

As a young guy, because there’s not much happening there, it would be quite difficult. I couldn’t imagine myself living there as a young fella” – Captain of club sponsored by Tasmanian Government gives honest opinion about Tasmania

Nothing really malicious in that comment, most of the reactions from the native Taswegians getting a thorn in their arse over a mainlander making a comment about them that could’ve been construed as negative.

As for me, I would dispute Sicily’s comment, because I do know of at least one young Victorian who enjoyed living in Tasmania for it’s peaceful, tranquil nature…

Chopper Read.

It is worth remembering that interview was conducted in 1992, so the following line from Rene Brack should’ve been a sign of horrible things to come:

“Chopper started a new life in Tasmania, primarily because it has the laxest gun laws in the country.”

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