Round 7 was a study on the importance of goalkicking accuracy

On Saturday afternoon, the GWS Giants had 22 scoring shots for the game against the Sydney Swans, who had 26.

The Giants won by 1 point.

Worth noting that 3 of the Giants’ behinds were rushed, so their actual shots on goal were 17.2.

On Sunday evening, the Adelaide Crows had 23 scoring shots to Collingwood’s 19.

The Crows lost by 1 point.

Further to it, the Gold Coast Suns had 1 less scoring shot than Richmond on Sunday afternoon, yet they won by a comfortable 4 goals thanks to kicking 11.6.

The other funny stat out of the Adelaide vs Collingwood game is the total time in front.

It’s not about how long you lead for, it’s about WHEN you have the lead…

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