One man’s excessive alcohol is another man’s value for money

So the story about the Fortitude Brewing Co. Pacer recall popped up on my newsfeed today, courtesy of the NCA Newswire, and I for one will say that this definitely wouldn’t happen at First Choice:

A popular Gold Coast brewery has been forced to recall one of its beers due to its excessive alcohol content.

The Food Standards board has advised that a secondary fermentation of the Fortitude Brewing Co.’s Pacer Beer has led to excessive alcohol and carbonation levels, which may cause illness and injury if consumed.

Products in both the six and 24 packs could be affected, with best before periods of 15/02/2024 and 16/02/2024.

The light ale is described as being a medium-bodied, full-flavoured beer with notes of passionfruit and citrus.

The beer is sold across Dan Murphy’s stores in Queensland and at the brand’s brewery in Tamborine Mountain, near Brisbane.

NCA Newswire, May 17 2023

For a beer with a pissy little 2.8% alcohol content, you’d better hope it had more grog in it to begin with.

Still, there was one line that caught my attention:

“May cause illness and injury if consumed…”

Isn’t that the goal of drinking beer?

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