Shane Mumford suspended for latest case of white line fever

By: Sandra Sully with the Late News

Shane Mumford’s return to footy will now have to wait another game, after he was suspended for striking Sydney’s George Hewett during a practice match between the Giants and Swans last Friday.

Mummy copped a 2-game suspension from the Giants over the off-season for being caught on camera for snorting some ‘white powder’, and this ban cannot be served concurrently, so Mumford now cannot return and terrorise small villages until Round 4.

Apparently, Mummy is the big grey pixel (Source:

It’s not quite on par with the time Dermott Brereton came out of retirement to play for Sydney in 1994 and then stomped on Rayden Tallis’ head and copped a seven game suspension.

I ain’t kidding, it happened (Still from The 90s- The Decade That Delivered)

Of course the last athlete who tried to punch the lights out of a Hewett at a sporting event was Bernard Tomic in January.

TL:DR- Man finds latest reason to dodge work

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