Tuesday Tithbits: 6th August

Sally Pearson’s decorated career is over, so here’s when she won Olympic Gold.
(Still: IOC)

As the Poms have discovered, there is only one true fortress in world cricket.

The Gabbatoir.

What did that have to do with the photo of Sally Pearson winning Olympic gold? Nothing at all.

Rest In Pieces AFLX

Never forget that this happened.

The supposed racial profiling of Ben Simmons at Crown

Don’t take it from me, but I reckon if Ben and his entourage had dressed as Far Eastern gangsters, then Crown would’ve rolled out the red carpet and kissed their arses instead.

Stats are the darndest things

This should probably be called “The difference between teams who win close games, and teams who lose close games”

Funny how much that one loss to Port has utterly rooted the Bombers.

South Africa’s leading horse trainer Mike De Cock is opening a satellite stable at Cranbourne.

Despite criticism from the likes of Lee Freedman, De Kock says he’s staying firm on his decision.

Kalyn Ponga’s contract

So Kalyn Ponga’s management dropped a hand grenade on the flaccid Knights that KP wants a ‘phat’ new contract, to the tune of around $1.5m a season for the next 4 seasons, since the Knights apparently now have the cash after they told Jesse Ramien to piss off from the Hunter.

Here’s what will happen- The West Coast Pirates will join the NRL in 2023 once Peter Beattie receives his cash bribe, they’ll need a big name player, which leads to them offering KP a very tidy deal, which will lead to Queensland’s fullback coming back to his one true state of birth to lead WA Rugby League to the promised land!

The artist formerly known as Sally McLellan bows out

And a year out from Tokyo as well.

In all seriousness, Sally Pearson was without a shadow of a doubt our best track athlete since Cathy Freeman, and her record is proof enough that she’s probably even better than Cathy, Betty Cuthbert, Debbie Flintoff-King and Marjorie Jackson- But that’s a debate I won’t take part in.

An Olympic Gold Medalist (Plus a Silver in Beijing), a 2-time World Champion in 2011 and 2017 (In a comeback from a shattered wrist), and a 2-time Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, and throw in winning The Don Award twice, it was one extraordinarily successful career.

Sure I could show that Olympic Gold, but I’d rather show her utterly annihilating the field at the 100m hurdles final at the 2011 World Championships in South Korea with a 12.28… those ladies had families, Sally.

Footage: IAAF

And I’ll never forget when she signed my book for me back in 2013…. which was her own autobiography…. that I can’t find anywhere.

The crowd for the HISTORIC Bledisloe Test in Perth this Saturday

It was sold out last week, and if you ask me, I can see the All Blacks getting a majority of support from the folks ‘over here’, based on a number of factors- The murder of the Western Force still being firmly in our minds, and all the Kiwis that live here and work in the mines.

So in short, I expect the crowd will be a SEA OF BLACK…. and blue.

Obviously due to the World Cup next month, this year’s Bledisloe tests couldn’t be further apart geographically- Perth this week, and then Auckland.

Just for hilarity’s sake, we may as well play a third match in Siberia.

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