Some Classic Coincidences in VFL/AFL History, Part 2

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Since it’s a Bye Week and I’ve got no Preview to write, here’s a follow-up to the first round of coincidences that I wrote up on ANZAC Day.

And as always, it’s inspired by the lengthy BigFooty Coincidences Thread.

Both Adelaide teams are crap

That’s not really part of this list, I’d just like to point that out.

Collingwood & Carlton in the 1970 Finals Series

In a way, it’s similar to the West Coast-Sydney coincidences from 2005-06.

In the 2nd Semi-Final, the Magpies defeated the Blues by 10 points– 118 to 108.

In the famous Grand Final, the Blues recovered from 44 points down to ultimately win the Premiership… by 10 points– 111 to 101.


The Liam Picken Coincidences

The son of former Pies champ Billy Picken, in his 198 game career, Liam Picken played in exactly 99 wins, and 99 losses.

Just adding to the Liam Picken topic, His last AFL game was Round 23, 2017 against Hawthorn.

The 2018 pre-season game in which Picken suffered the concussion that finished off his career was against Hawthorn.

And Picken retired the Monday after Round 2 of this season, just one day after the Bulldogs played… Hawthorn.

Ben ‘The Truck’ Rutten

Ben Rutten could quite possibly be the only player in recorded history to kick a goal with his first and last kick… actually, he kicked a goal with his first three kicks.

Now that may sound normal, but the Truck played at full-back for pretty much his whole career, and kicked a mere 9 goals in 229 games.

Of course, another one of those goals did come in the 2005 Showdown Semi Final… which was one more than Warren Tredrea managed.

The McDonald Brothers

Source: AFL Player’s Association

Tom McDonald was taken by Melbourne with Pick #53 in the 2010 Draft.

Oscar McDonald was taken by Melbourne with Pick #53 in the 2014 Draft.

Tom wears No.25, and Oscar wears No.28.

25 + 28 = 53.

Halley’s Comet

Photo: NASA/National Space Science Data Center

Halley’s Comet passed the Earth’s vicinity twice in the 20th Century- 1910 and 1986.

Carlton lost the Grand Final in both years- 1910 to Collingwood, and 1986 to Hawthorn.

I suppose the lesson of this coincidence is that we can pencil in the Blues to lose the 2061 Grand Final.

Fremantle in June 2019

One that was picked up after the Dockers’ hilarious loss to the Blues, but it was entirely factual.

Fremantle’s first game of the month was on June 1, when they defeated Collingwood.

They won 11.13-79 to 11.9-75.

Their final game of the month was on June 30, when they lost to Carlton.

The score?

11.13-79 to 11.9-75.

Of course, both games were decided by goals in the last 30 seconds.

Rhyce Shaw is the bald guy from Eiffel 65

Here’s the bald guy from Eiffel 65.

And here’s Rhyce Shaw on the right.

Also, Eiffel 65 released Blue in 1998.

Rhyce Shaw was drafted in 1999, and Eiffel 65 slowly lost prominence afterwards.

The 2007 Grand Final

This one was compiled by cats2rise and SJ.

Obviously remembered as the greatest bloodbath in Grand Final history at a mere 119 points, the two unluckiest Cats who missed out on playing in the team were ruckman Mark Blake and defender Matthew Egan, who made the All-Australian team, but broke his foot in Round 22, and never played again.

Blake wore No.24.

Egan wore No.19.

Geelong scored 24.19-163.

’63 being the year of the Cats’ last Premiership, and Port Adelaide scored 44 points- It had obviously been 44 years in between Premierships for the Cats.

Throwing another one in, Geelong’s youngest player that day was Joel Selwood.

At the time, Geelong’s oldest living Premiership player (From 1937) was Joe Sellwood.

Ending A Decade

This one does hurt me, but it’s amazingly true.

1999- Hawthorn finish in 9th

2009- Hawthorn finish in 9th

2019- Hawthorn finish in 9th

Get in the futures market and put the mortgage and the kids’ schools fees on the Hawks finishing 9th in 2029.

Gold Coast Wooden Spoons

Both the Gold Coast teams are well-documented piles of arse, and yet, they have the funny coincidence of winning their only wooden spoons in the same years.

In 2011, the Suns entered the AFL and won their first wooden spoon, while the Gold Coast Titans also won their first wooden spoon in the NRL.

In 2019, the Suns won their second wooden spoon, and the Titans won their second wooden spoon.

Australian sport’s answer to the Bermuda Triangle.

Brisbane missing out on the Minor Premiership

In the second last round of 1996, the Brisbane Bears trailed by 9 points at 3/4 time before winning by a point at the Gabba, before losing their last game of the season in Melbourne to be denied the minor premiership.

In the second last round of 2019, the Brisbane Lions trailed by 9 points at 3/4 time before winning by a point at the Gabba, before losing their last game of the season in Melbourne to be denied the minor premiership.

The Saturday of Round 19, 2019

Both of the Saturday afternoon games (Hawthorn vs Brisbane and Carlton vs Adelaide) finished with the score of 87-60, the final margin obviously being 27 points.

As you can see on the photo, what day of the month was that Saturday?

The 27th of July.

Buddy’s Century Milestones

Buddy Franklin sits alongside Plugger as one of only two players to win multiple Coleman Medals with different teams, but he now has the unique record of being the only player in the history of the game to play his 100th, 200th and 300th games against the same team

His 100th game was in Round 19, 2009 against St Kilda at York Park.

His 200th game was in Round 21, 2014 against St Kilda at the SCG.

And just the other week, his 300th game was in Round 23, 2019, against St Kilda at the SCG.

Apparently the Saints haven’t suffered enough.

Fremantle and Fitzroy

They only played 4 times, but the Dockers and Lions have a bit of shared history.

Freo’s first win in the AFL was against Fitzroy (Round 4, 1995), while the Roy’s last win the AFL was against Freo (Round 8, 1996).

And of course, Fitzroy’s last game (And last defeat) before the merger with Brisbane… was against none other than Fremantle.

Josh Kennedy being held goalless

In the 2015 Grand Final, West Coast’s Josh Kennedy was held goalless against Hawthorn, as James Frawley played on the Coleman Medalist for most of the game.

Between that memorable day and 2019, Kennedy kicked at least one goal in his next 68 games, until he was held goalless in Round 15 of this year.

The opponent was Hawthorn, and who was playing on him?

None other than James Frawley.

Tom Boyd was born on the same day of Ted Whitten’s funeral

The 22nd of August, 1995.

He really was the chosen one.

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