Off Topic: Merv’s Locks Get The Chops

Manning Tennis Club- Playing For A Cause

It’s late on a Wednesday night, I haven’t got anything 100% prepared after a night at Manning Memorial for Midweek Bowls (A report of which will hopefully be up by this evening), so I figured I’d give this a mention, because for me, it’s local, and it involves quite a few people who are big fans of my work… For reasons unknown.

Manning Tennis Club, led by a deadset legend of the club in Ajay Tandon, are raising money for Pancare (Supporting sufferers of pancreatic cancer) and the Cancer Council of WA by hosting the Playing For A Cause event, and aside from the doubles tournament, the centrepiece involves my No.1 MotoGP fan in Merv Roberts, who has been raising a fair bit of money, as he says goodbye to what could best described as his attempt at a stunned mullet for a haircut.

As per usual, it’ll be a haircut that Merv hasn’t paid for.

If you’re interested, Merv’s link is here….

So that said, if you’re Perth on Friday night (Which will be about 0.01% of you) pop on down to the Manning Tennis Club at around 6pm, because we’ll have a sausage sizzle, and a few silent auctions, including a pair of cricket bats from past games against Pakistan and England at Lilac Hill from eons ago, featuring signatures from players like a young Michael Hussey, Alec Stewart, the late Ben Hollioake, and the bearded wonder that was Inzaman Ul-Haq, and I’ll also be there dressed as Richie Benaud (In the bone jacket) so if you want me for a few minutes purely to recite 12th Man lines to you, I’ll be available for $3, which is all going towards a good cause.

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