Assorted Weird Big Bash Moments… After 3 Games

Trying to focus on moments other than your stock standard BBL FIELDING moments…. which naturally leads me to BBL UMPIRING.

Usman Khawaja somehow surviving the plumbest LBW call ever seen since the last plumbest LBW call ever seen

Now I’m no cricketing savant, but I could swear that ball was only smacking middle and leg stump.

An over into the season, and the dodgy calls are flying in!

Callum Ferguson’s thoughts on the new Yellow Cap for the top run scorer

This will be coming off as quickly as possible once we’re off the ground – It’s not my colour.

I feel like a bit of a knob with it on.

Fortnately, Fergo didn’t feel like a knob for too long, with Josh Philippe and Ussie surpassing him in the run tally… without either officially wearing the cap (Prior to Friday).

So given the leading runscorer gets the Yellow Cap in the style of the Tour De France, does the leading villain wear the Black Hat, and the most useless and stupid player wear the Dunce Hat?

Based on Wednesday, quite a few Scorchers players will be dominating that hypothetical contest.

Daniel Sams and the Steve Harmison delivery that was even worse than Steve Harmison

Even Johnny Howard looked down on that one.

Classic BBL Umpiring #2 – Liam Livingstone being given out for a duck on a delivery that wasn’t even in line with 4th stump

You want to know what BBL UMPIRING is?


Fahwad Ahmed overcoming the sneering from Fox Cricket to somehow hit 2 sixes in the last over

The bigger shock was Fawad scoring more than 2 runs before he holed out.

The umpires giving James Vince out, then checking if the ball had carried…

Which it did….

Only for the replay to show the ball had missed the bat by the width of the Panama Canal.

Everyone: Hey Cricket Australia, we think it’s time to introduce the DRS to the Big Bash!

CA: No, it will take too long – How about an utterly useless strategic time out instead?

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