The Best Way To Deal With A Chair Umpire During An Argument

Hit his chair with your racquet…. twice.

Daniil Medvedev vs Mohammed Lahyani

To think Daniil only got a point penalty for that – What a bargain.

I’m beginning to think that the minimum requirement for a default these days is stabbing a linesperson in frustration due to a bad call.

Anyway, what a hilarious ATP Cup for the Next Gen – Alexander Zverev got so angry at his dad that he made him cry, Stefanos Tsitsipas managed to hit (And hurt) his dad during an a really crap racquet smash, causing Stef’s mother to charge courtside and rip him a new one (Ah, Greek families), the fabled ‘Bullshit Russian’ in Medvedev managed to find the edge of a default…. And Nick Kyrgios has ascended to a state of positive karma that flowers now magically appear underneath his feet.

Keep him on probation forever.

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