The One Night I Bother To Go To A Scorchers Game

Because why not, The Rocket is only paying a couple of hundred bucks a year for a WACA membership, and just as much purchasing watered down Single Fin from the bar.

Bring back the Swanny D.

Anyway, it’s a Disco night, the Scorchers are playing the Heat, aka the most schizophrenic team in the Big Bash coming off 3 wins in a week.

And out of nowhere, the Scorchers proceed to randomly hit a team record score of 213 (The 3rd highest score in Big Bash history), and Mitch Marsh turns into a slimmer, taller Craig Simmons and carves out 93 off 41.

What a bizarrely entertaining night.

Anyway, I have absolutely nothing else.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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