Tuesday Tithbits: 3rd March

Pictured: Australia’s World Cup hopes go down with a torn hammy

Now where have I seen that soul destroying moment before…

Yep, that’s it.

I can confirm I am not stocking up on toilet paper

A rare move, considering the amount of crap I’ve produced already this year.

Ellyse Perry pinging her hamstring

The ultimate irony – So much of the build-up to the T20 World Cup was centered around the drawpower of Pez and the Aussies appearing in the Final… and she won’t even see the field for the Semi Final.

Although, given the weather in Sydney this week, there’s a small chance nobody could see the field for the Semi Final.

Just capping off the cruelty, as part of the build up to International Women’s Day (Women’s Week if you will), Fox Sports aired the interview they’d conducted with Perry – Not even 10 minutes after the game had finished.

Last night’s Game 2 of the NBL Semi-Finals

Considering the caliber of team who copped the defeat, I can honestly say I have not seen a beating of that magnitude in an NBL game ever.

To summarise, Melbourne United (4th place) led the all-conquering Sydney Kings (Who led every round this season, and led the series 1-0) 38-31 with about 4 minutes left in the 2nd Quarter.

After that, United went on a 38-0 run either side of Half Time.

Yep, I did just type that.


At one point in the 3rd Quarter, United led 97-39…. a lazy 58 POINTS.


After that, United pulled the starters to rest up for Game 3, and the margin went down to a highly disappointing 45 points (125-80) – Still good enough for the biggest win in the NBL’s 40 minute era.

Twitter: NBL

What a series – First the Kings come back from 16 down in the 4th Quarter of Game 1… then United deliver a historic arse kicking.

To come to think of it, without that meltdown, this series could have been over 24 hours ago – Instead, it’s got a Game 3 in Sydney, in which we’ll all be a winner, because Melbourne or Sydney will lose.

Davis Cup Qualifer this weekend vs Brazil

Interestingly, this is the first time the Aussies have played Brazil since the 2001 Quarter Final in Florianópolis – It was on clay, Gustavo Kuerten was World No.1, he had won 25 consecutive matches on the red dirt ….. And yet, Lleyton Hewitt took Guga down in straights.

This time around, neither Nick Kyrgios or Alex de Minaur will be in Adelaide, so it’s effectively unwatchable to 99% of the Australian public.

If my maths are within 4% of the target, then Jordan Thompson and John Millman are playing the singles (James Duckworth right behind), and either one of them will play the doubles with Johnny Peers, fresh of winning the doubles title with Dubai.

As for the opponents, Bruno Soares and Marcelo Melo are ranked in the top 25 in doubles, the singles will be headed by Chile title-winner Thiago Seyboth Wild, the first man born in the 21st century to win a tour title, and then there’s No.82 Thiago Monteiro.

No, that is not the same Thiago Monteiro who drove for Jordan in 2005, and smuggled in a podium during the 6 car US Grand Prix.

Losing the start of the MotoGP season

What the hell am I supposed to do besides watch a couple of COVID-19 affected F1 Grands Prix.

First, the premier class race in Qatar was wiped out, because a huge chunk of the team crews and riders are based in Italy (Hit hard by the Coronavirus travel ban), and now, much to the disgust and dismay of my friend Merv The Swerve, Thailand has been postponed – The important word there being postponed, not cancelled.

That’ll teach them for moving it forward from October.

Considering Remy Gardner will still be appearing in the Moto2 class, who were conveniently testing with Moto3 in Qatar this past weekend, and thus are both still okay to race, I will be putting up a Moto2 race report for Motorsport Monday.

Losing at least 2 races also gives Honda (And everyone else) more time to develop their bike… and for the tin foil hatters, Marc Marquez has more time to heal his injured shoulder.

Those Republicans in the US claim Coronavirus is a ruse concocted by the Democrats, but if you ask Valentino Rossi’s hardcore fans, the virus was concocted by Dorna to help out Marc.

Just a though about that travel ban, there’s also a realistic chance we could also lose the races in Austin (April 5) and Buenos Aries (April 19), which would leave the season to start at Jerez in the first weekend of May.

A 16 race season… it’s like 20 years ago!

The absolute shitpit that is Team Sydney (Aka Tekno Autosports)

This bold new venture to move out to Eastern Creek with the help of State Government money is going as well as the maiden voyage of a certain luxury cruise ship in April of 1912.

First, major signing James Courtney walked out on them barely a week after Adelaide (Theories flying about that he wasn’t being paid), and then Boost Mobile’s founder Peter Adderton realised what an absolute mess they are, backed the driver he sponsored, and walked the next day.

Not even a week before the season, team boss Jonathan Webb claimed they were going to be able to give DJR Penske and Triple 8 a run for their money this year

Based on the past fortnight, the only time Team Sydney will be ahead of a T8 car this season is if their team truck leaves the circuit first.

Hoping to avoid a six-figure fine for every race they don’t appear with 2 cars (As per the terms of a Supercars license), Webby has said they’ll have 2 cars ready for Albert Park.

By 2 cars, he means the remaining race car for Chris Pither, and the team truck.

Catalyst out of the All-Star Mile

Turns out he got bruising on all four fetlocks in that Guineas run (Another excuse to use for running 6th), and despite Clayton Chipperfield’s earlier reports, he’ll go back to Aotearoa for a spell.

That means James Cummings and Godolphin are going to get a start in the race if the Sheikh wants it – Alizee, Avilius and Flit are the first 3 provisional emergencies.

That Catalyst situation just goes to show how much I can curse a horse in the Chalk Eaters – Those tough buggers win in spite of me, not because of me.

A shame, but hopefully he’ll be back in the Spring.

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