‘It Happens’: 4th March

Ravi Jadeja – The Indian Paul Vautin

And in this week’s edition of ‘Shit Happens’, no, it’s not thousands of dickheads stocking up on toilet paper after drinking a Corona, but it’s still going to have you questioning reality.

Because of the utter boredom that went on this week, I’m straying away from our shores and crossing the Tasman, for Day 2 of the recent 2nd Test between New Zealand and India in Christchurch, and I’ll be honest, you’ve probably already seen this.

Late into the Kiwis’ 1st Innings (At 8/228 responding to 242), Neil Wagner clubbed Mohammed Shami just wide of deep square leg, which in flight, looked headed straight for the rope…..

Only for Ravi Jadeja to flick out in his left paw with the ball going away from his body, and pull off an absolute all-time great catch, to dismiss Wagner for 21.

Footage: Sky Sport NZ/Fox Cricket

Given how hard Wagner clubbed the ball, Ian Smith described it as “Quite possibly one of the greatest outfield catches in the history of the game”, and if you ask me, that’s a clubhouse leader for the 2020 Fatty Vautin Award for the best one-handed catch.

It was that damn good, the camera at the bowler’s end thought it was going for 4 and only caught the aftermath.

The look on Wager’s face suggests that he too, had realised that ‘It’ had indeed happened.

Anyway, clearly building on the momentum of the 7-run lead (No thanks to that catch), the Indians got bowled out for 124 in their 2nd Innings, and the Kiwis chased 132 down with ease on Day 4, cleaning up the series in a 2-0 sweep.

And that’s it for another gripping edition of….

Um, help me out here Mr Gump.

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