‘It’ Happens: All-Time Moments, Episode 2

Well, it’s April Fools Day, so it’s probably time for me to post something serious and say I’ve turned the corner.

In this week’s All-Time ‘It Happens’ moment, we go back to the year 2008, in a Round 14 game up in Darwin between the Western Bulldogs and Port Adelaide.

The Dogs have the game sewn up with 5:30 to go, leading by 46 points, as the ball is deep inside the Forward 50, where the ball spills to the original Flying Fijian, David Rodan, who acts on instinct, and snaps it through from 35 metres out on a tough angle under pressure.

Of course, there was just one problem.

It was through the Doggies’ goal for a rushed behind.

No wonder Port lost that Grand Final by 119 points.

After initially celebrating a pretty good kick, Rodan realised what he’d done, had some kind of a laugh with Brad Johnson, and just under 12 years on, we’re all having a good laugh about one of the more random things you’ll see on a footy field.

The Dogs ended up winning by 54 points, and I believe that kick won the 2008 Rushed Behind Of The Year, just ahead of all 11 of Hawthorn’s rushed behinds from the Grand Final.

Of course, David returned to prominence when he wiped the floor with everyone to win Dancing With The Stars back in 2014, and he’s still in the AFL, officiating as a Goal Umpire since 2017.

He even combined the two skills in the 2016 EJ Whitten Game – With tremendous success.

And that’s all for another edition of….

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