Update On The State Of Origin: Icons Edition

It’s been two and a half men weeks since I dropped the mild news about creating State Of Origin Australian rules teams full of state icons that weren’t Australian rules (AFL/VFL, WAFL, SANFL etc) players, and I can report that one state is GOOD TO GO.

By my count, Queensland, thanks to just being themselves, had enough fruity and colourful characters to fill a team of 40, giving them a depth that even the Victorians, supposed pioneers of Australian Rules Football, are struggling to match.

Explains why they’ve once again had to resort to bringing in convicts.

So, here’s the current Banana Bender line-up, as selected by Coach WAYNE Bennett, complete with support staff!

Quick note – To get the full-size image, right click or press down on the image and just pick new tab.

Some ‘unique’ picks by Bennett – Sir Joh was an easy choice for captain, mainly because he gerrymandered the team election, Clive Palmer attempts to fill the traditional ‘Fat Full-Forward’ role, Big Artie will come charging off the bench, either relieving King Wally or potentially backing up Sir Joh in the ruck, and what also strikes me is that Bennett stuck his neck out and picked the beloved Goondiwindi Grey on the wing opposite Cathy.

I didn’t see any rules against horses being picked when I formulated this idea, so the Queenslanders could be the only team with a Cox Plate winner in the line-up.

Looking at the engine room, personally i’m not sure why Kevin Rudd got a run in the middle – I think he’s more useful up forward attacking everyone not named Kevin Rudd.

It’s also a brave call picking Allan Border and Steve Irwin, given neither of them were born in Queensland (Like that’s ever stopped Queensland in Origin) – BUT – They both did their best work in the Sunshine State – Same story for R.M. Williams.

The first shots have been fired.


“Kiss my arse, Fitzgerald!”

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