Tuesday Tithbits: 12th May


Apparently it’s my sister’s birthday today

Happy Birthday, and thanks to COVID-19, she’s experiencing my kind of birthday celebration.

A quiet one.

Frank Costanza Gold

At least a handful of people will tell you that Jerry Stiller’s greatest legacy in portraying Frank Costanza was turning ranting and yelling into an art form.

I agree.

Look no further than the Jay Buhner rant towards Mr Steinbrenner after he told the Costanzas that George was ‘dead’.

He sits there stewing and processing the thought of his son dying, and the first words are “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TRADE JAY BUHNER FOR!”

The second part of gold in that scene is the voice message – Listen to the order that Frank prioritises events:

“Jerry it’s Frank Costanza, Mr Steinbrenner’s here, George is dead, call me back!”

It can never be forgotten how good Estelle Harris was in complementing Stiller’s performance by giving it straight back and cementing their status as George’s insane, overbearing, bickering parents.

It’s funny when you think that Jerry Stiller wasn’t the first actor to play Frank (It was John Randolph), because it’s tough to picture anyone other than Stiller making the easily angered character so hilarious.

To the individual who randomly binge read my posts at approximately 2am on Monday morning

I say a very sincere THANK YOU for your random, but slightly worrying show of support.

Alan Jones retires from 2GB

This is the best piece of news for the Australian Alan Jones Association since Alan Jones won the 1980 Formula One World Championship.

Source: Formula One Management

Considering his history, it’s also quite ironic that Alan retired during Ramadan.

David Koch vs Mick Malthouse

I thought that was very inconsiderate and a gross generaliation from Kochie to suggest that Mick would bring back the White Australia policy.

Just because Mick is old, doesn’t mean he’s a racist.

And Kochie has no footing to accuse people of bringing back White Australia if they wanted to… Sunrise pretty much revived Pauline Hanson’s career.

Joel Selwood and the TikTok Mop

First of all, what a classic article title.

Second, it can’t be a shock to see a video featuring a head being lowered involving the Selwood family.

Third, Joel forgot one thing – It’s not clean, unless it’s Pine O Cleen.

The issue of Anti-Vaxxers in Rugbaleeg

As per usual, I have nothing new to add, except that I feel like this whole Anti-Vax debate simply carries on a common theme of discussion in rugbaleeg since the shutdown began.

The performance of a prick.

Juuuust kidding.

The revs rise on the Ricciardo to Ferrari machine


It’s clearly a match made in heaven – A bloke with Italian heritage driving the red Italian machine, experiencing proper botched Italian management.

Which is why Ferrari will probably sign Carlos Sainz instead.

The Supercars Eseries

5 Rounds in, and I can best sum it up in 2 words.

Wildly entertaining.

You couldn’t pull that off in real life…. mainly because the ATCC won’t be going to Montreal anytime in the next 400 years.

Tomorrow evening Craig Lowndes and Garth Tander are making a cameo appearance for Round 6 in Virtual Austin, Texas, which should add the perfect mix of speed and potential for millions of dollars worth of virtual car wrecks.

Although, if there’s one driver I’d love to see appear, but almost certainly won’t, before the series concludes…


The deceptive camera angle returns with a vengeance

There’s still dozens of these buggers lurking around Australia, and another one popped up again at Quirindi in New South Wales to deceive us all.

This was Race 6 yesterday, and you can instantly notice the problem is that the TV camera is aligned with the semaphore board instead of the post, which is how you get a shot like this, where it looks like Wrongfully Wrong has stormed down the outside to nudge out Schemer.

In reality, this was the photo:

Twitter: Racing NSW Stewards

It feels appropriate that the runner-up is named Wrongfully Wrong.

Sort it out, Racing NSW.

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