Meaningless AFL Preview: Round 10, 2020

Mitch Wallis with the Falcon Goal Assist, followed by a boot to the face.

BYES: West Coast Eagles, Fremantle, Carlton, Hawthorn

I like how the Byes for the teams currently in Perth are no fewer than 8 days.

Even Bye Lengths couldn’t survive the Post-COVID societal cutting of the fat.

Anyway, here’s some quick brief comments on all 7 games, and remember, with these sharp turnarounds…



Port Adelaide (1st) vs Western Bulldogs (8th) at the Adelaide Oval, 6:40pm ACST

If the McIntyre Final 8 system were still in place, this would be a matchup in Week One of the Finals.

However, based on their recent performances, I suspect Port Adelaide would prefer it to be played in a place slightly north of Adelaide.

Like Brisbane.

Or the Gold Coast.


Richmond (5th) vs Brisbane Lions (2nd) at Metricon Stadium, 7:10pm AEST

Richmond always seem to beat Brisbane silly at the Gabba, and everywhere else for that matter…..

But can they do it Carrara?


Geelong (6th) vs North Melbourne (14th) at the Gabba, 5:40pm AEST

The 20th Anniversary of the Leigh Colbert-Cameron Mooney Cup, and what a brilliant timeslot for it.

For me, it’s 3:40pm on a Wednesday afternoon, which means I can flick between watching the Pike-less quaddie legs at Belmont, and seeing how the Catters go having to travel cross-country off a 4-day break.

Adelaide (18th) vs Melbourne (15th) at the Adelaide Oval, 7:40pm ACST

As of today, the men’s section of the Adelaide Football Club have not won a football match, or a charity cricket match, in a full calendar leap year.

Rest assured, the Demons will be doing their best to rectify that situation.


Collingwood (10th) vs Sydney Swans (17th) at the Gabba, 5:40pm AEST

Funny fact – As of Thursday evening, Collingwood will have hosted Sydney at the Gabba as many times as they’ve hosted them at the MCG in the last 10 years.

Hmmm, I wonder what happened that one time they hosted the Swans at the MCG…..

St Kilda (3rd) vs Gold Coast (11th) at Metricon Stadium, 8:10pm AEST

The moment we’ve waited a full year for.

Ben King for the Suns, facing off against brother Max in…..

100% guarantee, the AFL’s Clash Of Kings will still be better than the final season of Game Of Thrones.


Essendon (9th) vs GWS Giants (7th) at Metricon Stadium, 7:50pm AEST

In the old days, we used to start AFL rounds with Friday Night Footy.

In 2020, we END a round with Friday Night Footy.

One Final Note

Mitch Cleary, an extremely well respected jounro in Footy’s Fourth Estate, was stood down by the AFL from for being an actual journalist and reporting the Cotchin Day Spa Breach, which was something of genuine public interest, AND was posted by the culprit on their public Instagram account.

Yes, we can’t have actual journalism on the AFL website, just bullshit puff pieces like Sliding Doors that miss the point.

What an utterly mind-numbing move by the AFL… any pretence of independence for AFL Media that had been built up over the last 20 years is DEAD.

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