Tuesday Tithbits: 11th August

The latest on this day, from the 2005 Ashes:

August 11th, Day One of the 3rd Test at Old Trafford, and Shane Keith Warne became the first player to claim 600 Test wickets, getting rid of Marcus Trescothick for 63 with a mistimed sweep that went off the back of Trescothick’s bat and onto Adam Gilchrist’s pad, where it somehow perfectly sat up for Gilly’s 300th Test catch.

Of course, Shane scored 90 in Australia’s 1st Innings, which turned out to be the second-most memorable knock of the match, behind Ricky Ponting pretty much saving the Aussies from defeat with 156 in the 2nd Innings, as Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath saw out the last 5 overs.

I reckon Marcus was put off by the scent coming from Warnie’s fragrance, which probably has the scent of a Dirty Rotten Pizza and the Diet Benson & Hedges.

Apply here to become the Brisbane Broncos next CEO

I wasn’t kidding, they really did advertise the thing on Seek, probably because they are an ASX-listed company:

“One of the most profitable and well-run sporting businesses in Australia”

At the moment, your only confirmed competition is Ben Ikin, so if you’d like to apply and inevitably get rejected, get cracking!

Forget about the hybrid rugby league/union game between the All Blacks and Kangaroos

Based on this weekend, how about we play one between the Broncos and the Queensland Reds?

You’ll get a massive domestic audience, and it’s dual-code, NRL premiership & World Cup winner Brad Thorn coaching against the Broncos – What a sight that would be.

The Sydney Opera House Trust charging a $50,000 licensing fee to use the Opera House on sporting logos

Wow, what great thinking from the Lack Of Trust.

Organising a fairly obvious cash grab in this day and age…. Do they even have anyone working in Public Relations telling them how thick they are?

It was so bad even Deputy Premier John Barilaro was having a go at them for a cash grab, which is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.

So as it stands, the Sydney Kings and the NBL are already planning a redesign, Sydney FC might have to change their logo, as will the Sydney Roosters, probably back to that boring old Red Rooster from the 1960s-70s, and as for the Sydney Swans, they’d probably have to change their guernsey, given the Opera House has been on the chest since 1987.

If you ask me, there’s only one reasonable way the Swans can respond to this…

Move back to South Melbourne and bring back the Red V.

Bobby Skilton and Kenny Williams would die of happiness if they revived the Souths connection!

There’s now an upcoming Supercars Double Header of Double Headers

So starting from this weekend, it’s the actual Triple Crown at Hidden Valley in Darwin, which was delayed by a weekend because of quarantine issues, then it’s the Darwin Supersprint from August 22-23, and after that, it’s the THIRD CONSECUTIVE DOUBLE HEADER OF THE SEASON…

The kicker is though, it’s the annual Townsville event, which is obviously a street circuit, and as you can gather with the quick turnaround, all the teams are going to have to load up the trucks on a Sunday evening and bolt from Darwin to Townsville within 5 days.

Then again, most of the Victorian-based teams managed to clear Melbourne on barely 24 hours notice, so this should be a piece of piss.

I can recall reading the original plan, even after the delay, was to hold the second Darwin meeting under lights midweek, which would’ve been a bolt out of the blue, and would have to be the strangest thing in the ATCC since they ran the inaugural V8 Supercars race under lights at Calder Park.

Another wild fact from the Czech MotoGP

With KTM being from Austria, it was a 47-year first in Grand Prix motocycle racing:

Another random fact:

Phil Read won that 1973 500cc Championship on an MV Augusta, beating Kiwi Kim Newcombe, who rode for Dieter Konig’s team.

It was the last time a non-Japanese manufacturer won the premier class motorcycle title until Casey Stoner won it for Ducati in 2007.

Just for clarification

Despite having plenty of opportunities to, I did not send any threatening emails and/or direct messages to NRL and AFL players about how they caused me to lose multi bets.

First of all, I don’t place Multis anymore, because they’d always fail at the first hurdle, and second of all, I prefer to shout obscenities at players when nobody is in the same room as me, and leave it at that.

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