Several random moments from Round 11 of the AFL

Adelaide’s current record, as told by 2001 Ballon d’Or winner Michael Owen

Typical Collingwood Supporters

Welcome back Lynden Dunn!

I like that mean mullet he’s growing – First of all, it’s to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital, and second, it could also be a tribute to his former Melbourne teammate Nathan Carroll.

Port ruckman Peter Ladhams casually kicking a ‘Checkside’ goal in the opening minute

Charlie Dixon manages to snap an impossible goal better than he kicks from 20m out in front

Josh Caddy not getting out of the way, turning a 50m penalty into a 100m penalty, and a goal to Tom Rockliff:

Followed by Damien Hardwick screaming something along the lines of “Josh, get out of the ****ing way you dumb ‘campaigner’!”

How I felt when Charlie Cameron hyperextended his knee

Thank goodness he’s okay.

Apparently Carlton fans didn’t quite enjoy the umpiring from Sunday

It’s a West Coast game in Perth, what did you expect, consistency?

Shane McAdam flies like Adrian McAdam

Marlion Pickett’s underrated specky, which was ignored by Eddie McGuire moaning about umpiring decisions

Just what was Matt Rowell writing in his journal

It’s only up to 5,821 days.

John Worsfold after the siren sounded in tonight’s draw

That’s the look of someone swearing between their teeth with delight that they didn’t lose, and also managed to take his own team’s crap percentage out of play.

Gold Coast’s Sam Flanders, after his debut game ended in a draw

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