Tuesday Tithbits: 18th August

Fun fact – Today marks 36 years since the Fine Cotton Affair at Eagle Farm

Now why was it not surprising that someone as crooked as Russ ‘Minister For Everything’ Hinze tried joining in the plunge.

Another one of my random on this day moments – Saturday will mark 20 years since the ‘colourful’ American swimmer Gary Hall Jr, in a column largely praising Australia and the weirdos who live there, made a biased prediction about his compatriots smashing Australia’s swimmers “like guitars” at the upcoming Sydney Olympics, which was certainly picked up by the likes of Michael Klim and Ian Thorpe.

Obviously my fellow Australians only remember the “Smash them like guitars” comment, given what occurred after the Thorpedo overhauled Hall to give Australia gold in the 4x100m Freestyle Final, but funnily enough, the article itself is quite complimentary to ‘us’.

I had to cut a few posts this week due to time constraints

Unfortunately I got a case of sporting indigestion with so many events going on right now, so among the things I wasn’t able to mention was the Darwin round of the Supercars Championship, and Round 14 of the NRL.

Anyway, I doubt anyone will care about missing an NRL Review… it’s usually Meaningless anyway.

The NRL have bitten off the hand that fed the 2020 season

As a loyal Vodafone customer of 10 years who has never cared about the Warriors, I’d like to say that I am DISGUSTED.

After giving the Warriors absolutely nothing but dodgy loan players as a way of saying “Gee, thanks for saving everyone’s bottom line and our jobs!”, the NRL have once again shown they have absolutely no care for the team upholding rugby league in New Zealand, by telling the club that because of the league’s contract with Telstra, they have to cut ties with title sponsor Vodafone…



Considering the money involved is seven figures a season, combined with the financial losses the Warriors have copped being forced to play away from home all season, this could’ve been a spear through the heart

Gus Gould may very well be right – This is a potential PR disaster, although I’d say it already IS a PR disaster.

Although, it appears someone in Telstra’s PR department has something resembling a brain, and realised how much damage this was doing to their image.

I’m now of the opinion once again that the Warriors should give the NRL the finger and fly home right now, just to screw everyone over.

What have they got to lose – They’re safe from the wooden spoon.

The ‘prominent’ name who apparently started the Anthony Seibold rumours

I believe those cyber security experts mentioned by News Corp are currently closing in on a Brisbane resident by the name of Kevin W-

Shaun Johnson’s Instagram post about Kevin ‘Jaws’ Proctor

“To the media outlets that’ll likely grab this and twist it… please don’t.”

Well, this is all I can take from that:


A great result for the Aussies in Formula 3

Back in the day we were used to Australians finishing 1-2 in races on two wheels – Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan achieved it in 1990, then Mighty Mick and Darryl Beattie were 1-2 on at least 5 occasions in 1995, and even Casey Stoner and Chris Vermulen had a spate of 1-2 finishes during Casey’s memorable 2007 MotoGP season.

But, you rarely ever see an Australian 1-2 in any major international 4 wheel categories, which is what I thoroughly enjoyed about Oscar Piastri and Alex Peroni achieving the feat in the Reverse Top 10 race at Barcelona on Sunday.

Their starts were both fantastic – Peroni went up the inside at Turn 1 to go from 3rd to 1st, but Piastri was even better – He started 5th (After finishing 6th in Race 1) and by Turn 4, was in the lead!

Tweeted by Formula 3 on August 17

Despite a Safety Car making things interesting, Piastri was never headed and scored his first win since the season opener at Austria, when coincidentally, Peroni was also on the podium.

A very timely result for the Victorian, who had lost the Championship lead in Britain to his teammate Logan Sergeant, and watched the gap grow to 12 points after the American’s Pole & 3rd placing on Saturday, only to now win with the Fastest Lap bonus points on the Sunday, cutting it back to a single point, 131 to 130 after 6 Rounds.

On another note, Jack Doohan didn’t score a point again, but he did record his two most consistent finishes of the season – 14th followed by 15th.

In light of what happened in the Austrian MotoGP Round

This was something Casey Stoner (When he was still Ducati’s Test rider) brought up when the Red Bull Ring returned to the World Championship in 2016, mainly focusing on the safety aspect of the high-speed Turn 3, where the Zarco-Morbidelli crash occurred.

Jack Miller commented on his website that in terms of a braking profile, Turn 3 is similar to the final corner at Suzuka (Casio Triangle) in Japan, in that the riders are effectively braking towards a wall, and if you lose the front end, you’ll hit the wall on the left, which is ultimately what led to MotoGP pulling the pin on Suzuka after Daijiro Kato was killed in the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix.

If we get another incident like what happened on Sunday, you’re going to get more riders questioning if the layout is actually safe for motorcycles, especially 4-stroke 1000cc bikes going at top speed.

Tom Lynch is giving a bad name to Tom Lynches everywhere

Tom Lynch of the Crows wouldn’t punch a guy in the stomach off the ball, but Tom Lynch of the Tigers definitely would.

Flog with a capital F.

The Whacky World of the WAFL Reserves

Just to make that Jeff Fehring-esque goal by Perth’s Nyika John look even better:

It was his first goal for the year, only his second in 18 ressies games, and the Demons won the game by a very tight 7 points.

Originally tweeted by Fox Footy (Via Perth’s Facebook) on August 17, 2020

Adam Hyeronimous and Blake Paine receiving 3-year bans for betting charges

There’s definitely a lesson that all jockeys can take away from this saga:

If you’re going to be dumb enough to bet in this day and age, probably don’t incriminate yourself with hundreds of text messages.

Even those morons from World’s Dumbest Criminals probably had a laugh at Hippo and Painey.

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