Several random moments from Round 12 of the AFL

I do find it funny how we claim to take concussions seriously and still highlight a massive Falcon to someone’s noggin

Tom Hawkins is now 2 games clear of Adelaide in 2020

Round 8 – Defeated Fremantle 3.1-19 to 2.4-16

Round 12 – Defeated Port Adelaide 6.2-38 to 4.7-31

And guess who Geelong are playing on Sunday…

The Goal After The Siren From A Free Kick That Everyone Forgot About

Cam Zurhaar for the Roos, living every young kid’s dream by slotting a goal straight over the umpire’s hat after the siren….

Reducing the final margin to a 1 point Lions win.

Oddly enough, that’s the second time in 2 seasons that the Lions have won by a point with a team kicking a goal as the siren sounded.

The Falcon Of The Century

Obviously Kade Simpson felt ecstatic when Jack Newnes sank that after the siren goal to give the Bluebaggers a rather memorable win, but I’d contend he couldn’t quite feel his own face after Ed Curnow got him with a line drive off the deck in the 2nd Term:

As the saying goes, the Sherrin’s got his DNA all over it.

Oliver Florent makes Tom Hutchesson contemplate retiring in his AFL debut

By subjecting young Tommy to a mother of an AN-AN-AN-ANKLE BREAKER.

He didn’t just sell him some candy, he sold him the whole frikkin’ shop.

Brisbane’s Zac Bailey with a fully sick 360 through North’s defence before a textbook snap at goal

Only to be denied a goal after Josh Walker managed to get his fingertips on the Sherrin for a touched behind.

A ripping piece of skill lost to the dust bin of history.

Garry ‘Negative Nancy’ Lyon cracking the shits at Ben Stratton and James Frawley for the crime of smiling after Hawthorn’s defeat

Come on Gaz – If you were a Hawks player, you’d be pissing yourself laughing at how horribly things have gone this year…. especially after James Sicily did his knee 2 minutes from time, putting him out for a calendar year.

Anyway, I can fully understand why Gaz would be so against the idea of players showing emotion – The last time he showed any form of emotion was at the Western Oval on August 29, 1987:

Tom Lynch playing on the edge and ‘making his own luck’, according to Jason Dunstall

By giving Sam Collins one in the guts, in a scene reminiscent of Barry Hall on Matt Maguire in the 2005 Preliminary Final, followed by Jake Aarts doing the exact same thing to give Lynch an uncontested mark and shot at goal, which he converted.

Obviously Sam was demonstrating what Lynch did to him when he belted that steel column in the rooms after the game:

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