Random questions about Kiwis ahead of Round 17 of the NRL

Which Warriors Will Turn Up This Week

I can’t quite determine which Warriors the Tamworth Warriors, formerly known as the New Zealand Warriors, formerly known as the Auckland Warriors, really are.

Are they:

The Once Were Warriors:

“Six milkshakes – Easy on the ice cream!”

The Road Warriors:

A current shot of Stephen Kearney

The Warriors, from the 1979 classic The Warriors:

They both come out to play



If you ask me, the Once Were Warriors works best because it’s got that Kiwi connection.

Apparently 100 Million people COULD watch Sonny Bill Williams play 20 minutes against the Raiders, if News Corp are to be believed

Yes, they really did state that.

“News Corp can reveal a staggering 100 million people globally could watch Williams’ return to rugby league on Saturday night.”

“Television industry sources indicate international NRL audiences would increase by around 65 to 70 per cent with Williams the main selling point.”


Also, 100 million people COULD read tomorrow’s Chalk Eaters Guide and waste their money backing short-priced favourites.

We can both think about it, but it probably won’t happen.

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