Some random moments from Round 15 of the AFL

“Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…”

And here I was thinking that going to a Strip Club, buying a few kebabs and punching on with a few dickheads was just an average night out on the Glitter Strip.

Please note – For some reason, I completely ignored the Richmond-Freo game, and the Swans-Dees game, because they were apparently too awful for anyone to produce any replays of random moments.

With Adelaide FINALLY getting on the board

The world-famous Potato of Parity is COMPLETE for 2020:

I thought it was funny how the Crows had so many players (And Matty Nicks) who had never experienced a win at the club, that the winners circle also resembled a potato:

There we plenty of Hawks players who also resembled potatoes….

Adelaide recorded the highest score of the 12 teams that played this round.


Also, only 4 out of 12 teams actually surpassed 50 points.

Make of that what you will.

Informally and formally addressing Sydney Stack and Callum Coleman-Jones’ kebab-filled night

A moment of silence for the two famous kebabs that were not enjoyed on Thursday morning

Sydney Stack after that World Famous Kebab was destroyed:

Fox Footy turning Cale Hooker’s 200th game into an ego-stroking festival for Jonno Brown and Jordan Lewis

Apologies if you’re reading this on an email:

Fair to say Herbatron didn’t miss Brownie in this week’s We Are Essington:

Joe Daniher is still on the fence about his Essendon future

Quite literally, he is on the fence:

Carlton kicked 1 goal from their last 42 Inside 50s

This was is it – GWS managing to repeatedly spoil the ball back towards their defensive goal so Marc Murphy could run on to it and toe poke it home.

Concede 2 goals in 3 quarters and still lose.

The team that never lets you down.

Mitch Robinson gets sat on his arse by a late hit from Brayden Maynard and doesn’t even get a free kick

Originally tweeted by 7AFL (@7AFL) on September 4, 2020.

You can notice Dean Margetts put his whistle to his lips, then he seems to realise that Robbo isn’t Tom Papley, and decides to let things play out.

Still, it was classic to see Robinson and Maynard put everything aside and hug it out after the game.

Mitch Robinson being Mitch Robinson

And that’s why Fagan and the Lions faithful love him.

Brodie Mihocek drops the World Cup… and any hope of the 4 points

“Thursday: Hot Kebabs. Friday: Cold Pies” – /u/TenaciousBean73

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