Some random moments from Week One of the AFL Finals

The biosecurity alarm bells are RINGING

The Book Of Fagan, Chapter 20, Verse 20.

“And Lord Fagan, paraphrasing the prophet Vitas Gerulaitis, did say unto the Tigers…”


So we saw the smallest combined margin in Week One of the finals in the Top 8 era, with 35 points spread across 4 games, and that Saturday night epic was the first time since the 2006 Grand Final that there’s been a 1-point margin in a final.

I can’t help but laugh at the irony that it’s West Coast who end us as the losers.

Port Adelaide 9.4-58 defeated Geelong 5.12-42 at the Adelaide Oval

So if St Kilda defeat Richmond, and Geelong defeats Collingwood, then we’ll have an exact repeat of the 2004 Preliminary Finals.

Port Adelaide playing St Kilda, and Brisbane playing Geelong.

The Leap Year Premiership just keeps getting creepier.


From 7AFL

Razor didn’t even have the presence of mind to tell Travis Boak..

“YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN, just relax, we don’t talk to one another like that!”

That Port supporter looks suspiciously like Charlie Dixon

Interacting with fans?

2 weeks of quarantine coming up for you, Charles.

Brisbane 10.9-69 defeated Richmond 8.6-54 at the Gabba

The streak….. is over.

Dayne Zorko is so committed to Faganism he has literally turned into Chris Fagan

“Stick that up your ARCs Richmond!”

How about that for a turnaround.

The old Snickometer comes in for a visit to deny Shai Bolton the unofficial goal of the year.

Then up the other end, Nick Vlaustin claims he’s touched Hugh McCluggage’s apparent sealing goal….. and the best angle we see is the one in 144p that’s 90m behind the play and tells us stuff all, so yes, it was the sealing goal.

If you ask me, that score review was to check Hugh McCluggage had actually managed to produce a shot at goal that didn’t miss by 40 feet to the right.

Fagan is not amused at a cheap 50m penalty

“A pestilence upon your family!”

Ash Barty in lockdown – Sinking putts and beers

“Sure I couldn’t travel, but Paris is too cold this time of year, anyway.”

St Kilda 10.7-67 defeated Western Bulldogs 9.10-64 at the Gabba

If the Dogs had pulled off that last quarter comeback from 24 points down in a season with shortened quarters, it would’ve summed up St Kilda’s 147-year history in 25 minutes.

To look absolutely home, only to rip defeat from the jaws of victory?

That’s St Kilda’s motto when you translate it from Latin.

Knock Knock

Who’s There?


Owen who?


In the time since Essendon last won a final

Paddy Ryder has been drafted by Essendon, played 170 games at Windy Hill, traded to Port Adelaide and played 73 games for the Power, before being traded to St Kilda, and after 256 games, finally played in his first winning final.

Sadly, Paddy didn’t get to enjoy the moment, because he’d strained his hamstring in a ruck contest with 90 seconds to go, and probably won’t play again in 2020.

The definition of bittersweet.

Collingwood 12.4-76 defeated West Coast 11.9-75 at Optus Stadium


The Collingwood Twitter hits back

“Live scenes from Optus Stadium”


Charlie Cameron successfully jinxed the Eagles

On Fox Footy on Friday night:

“Got the week off now to focus on the winner out of I think it’s West Coast and Geelong.”

The moz was on.

Liam Ryan with the dis-ruh-spect on Brayden Maynard after a mark

Which also led directly to an Eagles goal.

Looking at the result, Liam might want to give Brayden that footy, because the Eagles sure as hell won’t need it.

Mason Cox has Saturday Night Fever

What impressed me the most about the American Pie

His choice for The Players’ Playlist was “Shout” by The Isley Brothers.

Forget about the standard use of “Born in the USA”, THAT is taste.

Did anyone notice that umpire had a rather ‘Prolific’ lunchbox?

Out of respect for that official, I won’t be able to show you that just behind Collingwood, he had the second biggest Cox on the field.

For a comparison, I’ll say it reminded me of when Princess Anne was handing out the rowing medals at the Sydney Olympics.

As Roy & HG would say, don’t tell me victory doesn’t get you aroused.

2 crazy goals to seal a crazy win

Brodie Mihocek kicking an absolute sack on his opposite left foot on the run from 45m out to put the Pies in front with 9 minutes remaining

And Jordan De Goey producing something from thin air to put them 7 points up.

5 fewer scores than the Eagles, yet they won by a point.

Kicks like that are part of the reason why.

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  1. Serious funny!

    On Sun, 4 Oct 2020 at 4:01 pm, JT’s Sporting Reviews wrote:

    > > > > > > > JTithers posted: ” > > > > > The Book Of Fagan, Chapter 20, Verse 20. > > > > “And Lord Fagan, paraphrasing the prophet Vitas Gerulaitis, did say unto > the Tigers…” > > > > “LET BE A LESSON – NOBODY DEFEATS THE BRISBANE LIONS 16 TIMES IN A ROW!” > > > > So we saw the smallest combined margin ” > > > >


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